Way of Peaceful Resolution

The “Way of Peaceful Resolution” is a manuscript written by the Wise Man of Kooroo. Only three books were written, and each has some slight differences in the wording of each chapter, as the Wise Man wrote it individually for each of his three apprentices.

The Way is intended to teach a Force Sensitive individual specific exercises to maintain their composure, remain calm and control their emotions, without so much as mentioning anything about the Force, or the Jedi. It was written with many metaphors and parables that, after specific study begin to combine into deeper and more complicated sets of metaphors, which in turn combine to form guidelines on various Force-related exercises. Finally, and only after a student had unlocked most of the teachings’ hidden meanings, new combinations would become apparent that would allow a Follower of the Way to construct a lightsaber and start practicing in its use.

One underlying message through the entire Way, was the need for an accomplished Master of the Way (that had begun managed to unlock all the mysteries of the manuscript) had a continuous mission of locating other capable individuals, copying the Way for them in its entirety and setting them on the proper path to train in the Way of Peaceful Resolution, armed only with robes of the deep color blue, and a modest Quarterstaff.

Studying the Way for two to four hours a day, entitles a Force Sensitive to learn one of the following per month of study. Each power must be learned in the order presented below, before unlocking the combinations required for the next power. So far, by studying the “Way”, Mer can attest that it can teach the following:

  • Control, Sense or Alter, up to 3D. One pip in one skill per month.
  • Control Pain Force Power
  • Reduce Injury Force Power
  • Life Detection Force Power
  • Life Sense Force Power
  • Danger Sense Force Power
  • Sense Force Force Power
  • Receptive Telepathy Force Power
  • Sense Force Potential Force Power
  • Telekinesis Force Power
  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy Force Power
  • The Way “fighting” technique (Essentially, Form Zero )
  • Lightsaber Repair skill, up to 5D. One pip per month

With further study, more powers or secrets might be unlocked.

Way of Peaceful Resolution

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