The Nebulon-B Medical frigate “Resurgence”

"Resurgence" EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate

Personnel (Total: 854, Officers: 154 Crew: 700)

Capsule: The Resurgence, publicly, is a humanitarian project undertaken from the government of Alderaan. Fitted with enough protective measures to withstand a medium-scale pirate attack, the Medical Frigate “Resurgence” roams around the Outer Rim, providing emergency relief and medical aid to planets recently declared as the targets of pirates.

To this end, it has a sizable portion of Alderaan’s planetary funds at its disposal for repairs, resupply and the transport of medical supplies along its route.

Privately, the Resurgence is the mobile HeadQuarters of the fledgling Alderaanian Resistance, using its humanitarian cover to perform covert operations against the Empire in the Outer Rim. Due to its public front, however, the actual craft avoids to engage in any combat, as this will blow its cover.

Due to its designation as a “Medical Frigate”, the Resurgence is less armed than a normal Nebulon-B. The space freed from hulking Turbolaser turrets and weapon power generators was devoted to make room for hospital wings and bacta tank facilities.

  • 6 Turbolaser Batteries (2 Front, 2 Left, 2 Right)
  • 6 Double Laser Cannon batteries (2 Front, 2 Left, 2 Right)
  • 2 Tractor Beam Projectors

Starfighter Complement
Due to the strict edicts of the Empire regarding the possession of starfighters, the Resurgence has complemented its defenses with aging fighters from the Clone Wars. As such, many of these fighters have several glitches and permanent damages, but they were easy and cheap to obtain through military surplus auctions occurring right after the Clone Wars.
Red Squadron
12x Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-7 Aethersprite

Blue Squadron
12x Kuat Systems Engineering CloakShape Fighter

Notable Officers

Captain: Captain Adrian Verana
First Officer: Commander Dennin Otter
Security Officer: Lieutenant Myron Pierce
Medical Officer: Dr. Edlegar Formes
Tactical Advisor: Commander Gilder Varth (Former Imperial Admiral)
Tactical 2nd Officer: Commander Hal Enders
Quartermaster: Master Chief Petty Officer Jirel Boson
Flight Commander: Captain Sandria Roventis
Red Squadron Commander: Wing Commander Mal Mastigar
Blue Squadron Commander: Wing Commander Jinn-Tu Llic (Twi’Lek)
Chief Mechanic: Master Chief Petty Officer Harker Collins
Chief Astrogator: Sub-Lieutenant Mansel Ford
Chief Helmsman: Sub-Lieutenant Remys Bolton

Specialist Positions

Head of Intelligence: Specialist Kerin Vodle
Head of Operations: “Sergeant” Larfin Baer
Head of Acquisitions: Specialist Ahgwer Glerman
Head of Relations: Advisor Ylenic It’kla

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