HoloNet Tapping

Tapping into the HoloNet for any sort of work is a complex process.

  • First, the slicer must locate an S-Thread to use for data transfer. (Very Difficult Sensors roll. Must have HSI of some sort on his ship)
  • Second, the slicer must tap into the S-Thread by using some sort of Communication equipment (Difficult Communications roll)
  • Once tapped, the slicer can record data data without the need of a roll for as long as the connection remains open.

Spotting a tap
To spot a communications tap, a Communications roll is required. The difficulty is Moderate plus the slicer’s roll to tap. To be allowed to make this roll, a Communications operator must first succeed on either a reactive Communications Roll (Difficulty moderate + Slicer’s roll) or a reactive Perception roll (Difficulty Difficult + slicer’s roll). Equipment bonuses for computers or droids apply (+1 pip per computer program Rating, +2 pips per Droid’s D in skill).

  • Once a communications tap has been spotted, a Sensors roll can reveal the point of the tap along the communications line. This roll is allowed only if a facility or person has the necessary equipment to utilize this particular mode of communication (e.g. HSI, or Hyper-Transceiver for hyperwave communications). Add any Focus sensor dice to the attempt. Accuracy depends on Focus rating.
  • To utilize an S-Thread to transmit in a different frequency, regardless of whether it is currently used or not, a Difficult Computer Programming roll is required to send the appropriate signals to the S-Thread transceiver. Once this is done, the S-Thread will transmit to the intended target. If this is done on an S-Thread in the middle of some ongoing transmission, both parties are alerted to the transmission’s abnormal end.
  • To transmit something over an S-Thread, roll a Moderate Communications roll.
  • To encrypt something, roll Communications. Roll additional dice if any specialized equipment is available, such as encryptions programs in a computer or droid. (+1D per computer program Rating or Droid’s D in skill).
  • To decrypt something recorded from an S-Thread (or anywhere for that matter), a Communications roll with difficulty equal to Easy plus the original encryption total is required. Roll additional dice if any specialize equipment is available, such as decryption programs in a computer or droid. (+1D per computer program Rating or Droid’s D in skill).

HoloNet Tapping

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