Lockon Marius


Status: Inactive

Last known activity: Member of the Rescue team

Tall, lithe and limber, Lock’s physique could probably be found in any picture of military pilots. Quick to turn any conversation into jokes, his face is rather accustomed to smiling.


Zack Arran was born into a noble house on the planet of Alderaan. He grew up with stories of the heroic jedi, and developed a strong sense of duty towards others. Never really considering himself a noble, he wished to prove himself more than just a figurehead hiding behind a big family name. With that in mind, he dropped out of higher education and joined military school with hopes of being part of the clone war. Soon after he joined the Raithal Academy, the war ended, and the school reformed into the Raithal Imperial Academy. Disconnected from his home, Zack was easily swayed in by the propaganda advertized by the Empire by the end of the war. Seeing the Empire as the new form of justice across the galaxy, Lock doubled his efforts and graduated with high honors, being immediately assigned on one of the first victory-class destroyers immediately.

After a few years of service, Lock found himself in the battle of Renatasia, where he lost most of his friends in the imperial force, along with his faith in the Empire, after seeing the way they handled the situation. Zack’s faith in the Emperor was finally shattered when, upon returning home, he heard his family was being prosecuted for harboring ties with Jedi. Before thinking about it, Zack grabbed his sister Keilara along with some family funds and used his imperial officer status to ditch Alderaan and look for safe haven in Corellia, assuming the name of Lockon Marius.
Things did not go so smoothly, however. Lock found himself having to make the hard decision to send his sister away with a group of well-payed smugglers, while he brought imperial attention on himself and fled the core systems for the outer rim, giving his sister better chances of slipping by unnoticed.

After losing his imperial tail, Lock’s flight had brought him on the distant rock by the name of ‘Stend-6’. Left with all but a few credits and no way off-planet, Lock was determined to start a search for his sister. The skills he picked up in the Academy were bound to be useful to one of the smugglers who frequenced the local den, and since spacers were not all that welcome in stend 6, there was only one real place to look.
Sooner then later, Lock met with a man who followed his own sense of honour, a clone wars veteran on the side of the separatists called Frak Zarrah. Frak immediately hired Lock as his new ship’s first mate, and along with a young mechanic called Dominic, and an indebted pilot called Fred, they became the crew of the Solar Wind. A ship that would gain much renown and infamy over the next few months.

As time went by, Lock was becoming more and more taken in by the idea of rebelling against the Empire. A tiny flame fed oil by the ship’s resident passengers Eredin and Renji, an undercover pair of jedi master and apprentice on their way to help the small cells of rebels scattered across the galaxy in what ways they could. It was Eredin who informed Lock of his tiny speck of connection with the force, which was all Lock needed to decide that it was indeed his fate to assist the Rebelion with all his strength. He begun his long training with the force under Eredin. The cooperation of Eredin and Zarah eventually led to the uprising of a local resistance on stend-6, one that ended in a bloody massacre when Eredin decided to taunt an imperial inquisitor on-site in order to defeat him. Things did not go so well. The inquisitor was defeated by the grace of a swoop-bike flying straight into his face, causing his focus on the dark side to waver just enough for Devron, one of Eredin’s aquaintances to take his head off with a lightsaber- but the imperial forces came down hard on the rest of stend-6, killing most of the resistance and causing what remained, along with the Solar wind to flee towards the safety of Port Haven.

This is where Lock and Frak Zarah parted ways. The smuggler captain wanted nothing more to do with Jedi, after witnessing the destruction Eredin’s sole decision brought on the general plans for stend-6, while Lock who was at the time under the influence of the dark side, wanted nothing more to do with a captain whose only concern was his own personal gain and well-being. He would fight for the remaining Jedi and the rebellion with all his might.
The crew parted ways at port haven, with Lock, Fred, Dominic and Devron setting course for Ord Torrenze to assist the construction of Freedom’s Messenger, and later find themselves being part of the Alderanian resistance and the Resurgence.

Lockon Marius

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