Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E11 - A Lesson in Humility, phase one.

One day, the Black Bha'lir won't be around anymore...

Following the events that transpired in the Nizon System…

…the Infinity and its crew jumped out and evaded annihilation from the Sarlacc’s massive weapons. Thanks to a misjump, the Infinity came out in close proximity of the planet Rhen Var, a planet rich in Force-related archeology. Due to the planet’s rich Force-related relics, a Victory Class Star Destroyer along with an Inquisitor and his retinue are always in orbit, while the Inquisitor conducts his research and exploration below.

Evading (and, well, disabling!) this Star Destroyer as well, Zarah arrived in Quasar Station where he debriefed Baer and received his rewards. Among them, it was a case with six Identities. One of them, with Zarah’s picture, named him as a Special Enforcement Officer, while the other five identified each of his crew as Sector Rangers under his command. This, effectively gave him a free pass to land on any imperial planet without fear of inspections or questions regarding their equipment.

Returning to Socorro after this, he spread the word that he is looking for a job. Soon enough, the Black Bha’lir took interest in that and decided to test the rather famous Captain. Sending one of their most influential Princes, Zarah was presented with the parameters of a mission involving his crew travelling to Ryloth, landing in Kala’unn – a Twi’lek city – and working from the inside to overthrow the team of Hutt Agents that are currently holding the city. In accordance with Socorro’s traditions, Zarah was offered a generous – but otherwise small – amount for the job, which he took for an insult. As a reply, he counter-offered with an equally insulting high amount for the job which had the effect of angering the Black Bha’lir prince with his apparent insolence – a fact that the Prince did not show in any obvious way, other than walking out on the meeting.

As a result, starting a couple of days later, Zarah’s crew begun feeling somewhat undesirable on the planet, each having his personal ways of making profit cut off. Jason’s swoop was impounded on allegations of illegal modifications and it is pending an inspection (indefinitely). Dreaph was subtly advised to stop playing cards in Tiranga the Hutt’s establishment. Sam’s forgery business ran dry and Arun started getting a lot of angry glares wherever he went. The only person not obviously affected by this, was Dominic who spent all of his time inspecting the Infinity after her maiden voyage and first combat mission.

Feeling the collective negativity around him, Zarah decided to neither back down and conform to the Bha’lir’s ways, but nor remain a stubborn freelancer. He formulated a business proposition for the Black Bha’lir, to close a deal for the transporation of arms to a buyer of their choice. Using almost every opportunity at their disposal to provoke Zarah in every meeting, the Black Bha’lir practically allowed Zarah to run his business proposition, for which all prices were determined beforehand and his only leeway for bargaining was with Caelli-Merced for the procurement of the arms.

Completing the rather boring delivery of blaster carbines, Zarah returned to Socorro and immediatelly arranged a meeting with the Bha’lir to give them their cut. During the meeting, he came through, explaining his position and mentality to them with absolute honesty. With equal honesty, the Bha’lir made it perfectly clear to him that their primary concern is not profit – they have that in abundance – but respect. And to teach respect, Zarah would unfortunately have to endure through the lesson’s entire duration.

Generally, these days, Frakk Zarah is quite irritated by the way he is being treated…


Yes he is. And you know what happens when Captain Zarah gets irritated.

apophis apophis

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