The First Job

How it all starts

Fred Syler, an independent trader of average quality and above average debt lands in Stend VI. Already one month late in his debt he knows he can’t return to Shesharile 5 without at least two months’ worth of credits in his pocket, or Yerkys ne Dago – the Crime Lord he owes money to – will introduce him to his thugs’ tender ministrations.

For his bad luck, two things have happened. 1 – One of ne Dago’s thugs has already dispatched a bounty hunter to find Fred and that bounty hunter is currently on Stend VI and 2 – Stend VI is NOT a good planet to make a profit. Following a heated discussion in a cantina known as “The Pits”, Fred finds himself attending an appointment with Stend VI’s resident Crime Lord – a Herglic known as Kaylo NaKuda. In that meeting Fred is “persuaded” to surrender his ship to NaKuda and become “hired” to work for him as a pilot. In return, NaKuda will settle his debt with ne Dago. Not having much of a chance to say no, Fred accepts and he and his mechanic, Dominic, are introduced to the man who is going to be their new Captain – Frakk Zarah.

The three of them have a chat Frakk begins to make plans as to how he will turn this venture into a profitable one. First, he makes an arrangement with a patron of the Pits named Lockon Marius to enter a sort of partnership in his starship venture. Lockon deposits a healthy starting fund to Frakk and in return he is named First Mate on Frakk’s ship – when he gets one.

With crew and essential positions ready, Frakk talks to NaKuda for their First Job. NaKuda tells them to take a ship from Stend VI and deliver it and its cargo to a backwater planet named Gelgelar, to one of NaKuda’s associates – a Rodian named Slerog Fenn. From him, they will obtain their ship. They may make some repairs on Gelgelar’s limited starport if they wish and then they’re free to start their own deal making provided they are back on Stend VI every three months to make a delivery for NaKuda – and that’s his sole limitation.

Completing this job and obtaining their ship, the crew sets out to turn it into something remotely adequate, as the Solar Wind has been without maintenance for several months. After some essential repairs and while Frakk is pacing around in the cockpit, admiring his new ship, he asks his mechanic:
“Dom… what would it take to install a Captain’s Chair at this specific spot?”
And Dominic replies:
“A Chair, Captain.”

GM’s Notes for the Plot (revealed)

First Job:
In Gelgelar, there will be a free trader with two guards, looking to charter a ship for a multi-stop trip. He has a few trading routes that can prove profitable to both him and the captain he’ll fly with. The plan is to find a ship and then start visiting a number of ports, loading up cargo as they go, offloading it to the next port etc. His full run includes 5 starports and can be repeated as many times as required.

On these five starports, he has contacts that will include a little “illegal” cargo in each loadout, to be delivered to one of the other four starports. The players may work with him as long as they wish and he will also offer the services of his two “guards” as part of the ship’s crew, as long as their cooperation stands. On their third stop (Planet Shownar), one of his guards will turn on him and attempt to kill him, prematurely ending their trade trip. Quite possibly, he will succeed and then flee the scene in a pre-arranged shuttle. Players, and the remaining one guard, will be left on their own to clear the entire scene with the local security and to move on their way.

The ports in question are:

Reuss VIII
Legal Goods:
Pick up Mid-Tech
Deliver Breath Masks
Illegal Goods:
Pick up Information, mid-tech (non-taxed)
Deliver Organs, Spice

Legal Goods:
Pick up Shvash Gas, Vohis Mold
Deliver Foodstuffs, High-Technology, Space Parts
Illegal Goods:
Pick up Smuggled Goods
Deliver Smuggled Goods

Legal Goods:
Pick up Passengers, Souvenirs
Deliver Passengers, High-Tech, Foodstuffs
Illegal Goods:
Pick up Smuggled Goods
Deliver Information (Story Hook #1)

Another profitable run would be to pick up “information” from Reuss, regarding Imperial movements in several sectors and then deliver them in Darknon Station, to a waiting (or soon-to-be-arriving) contact. While there, several encounters can take place with the squatters and Nethius, perhaps leading to a quick get-away after an imperial ship jumps in the system.

UPDATE: The Merchant and his two guards were supposed to play out as stated. Instead, that plot was changed and treachery never happened, as Eredin Nova and his two guard Renji and Saude became an integral part of Frakk Zarah’s operation. Well… Eredin not so much as the other two.

The First Job

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