The Consular's Fasting - Part 2

The Consular’s Fasting – Part 2

Arriving in Adarlon, they were obviously greeted with the most stringent and thorough inspection the Imperial authorities could provide. Frak Zarah was the reason that the Imperial Consular of Minos Cluster was ridiculed, left without the necessary luxury supplies to host his birthday gala, and then this man had the audacity to show up 40 days late carrying the same cargo that he was supposed to have delivered a month ago!

After what was truly the most stringent inspection the ship has undergone so far (and possibly even the most stringent they have undergone through our campaign), with every ship panel open and every possible part strewn on the hangar flor, they were given an hour to put their ship back together again and clear the premises of the Victory-I Star Destroyer’s hangar they were occupying, or they would be seen as trespassers aboard an Imperial vessel. Working feverishly, they managed to leave on time and land on the planet’s surface.

On the surface now, the planetary media and almost every HoloIndustry sudio wanted to have an interview with the man that made Consular Torsh look like a fool and Frak Zarah found it rather difficult to keep a low profile. Several deals were offered to him and after some careful deliberation, he did agree to a single deal to allow a holo-series to be developed based on his and his crew’s lives.

GM Notes (Revealed)

These are mostly notes held for the next session, since most of this session was the result of random (failed) Astrogation rolls that altered the entire story.

There is a huge outbreak from news agencies as they will be trying to arrange interviews with the captain and crew of the “Craft that made Babel Torsh look like a complete fool”. The scandal is dubbed the “Consular’s Fasting”, much to Torsh’s dismay. This affects the players in a number of ways.

  1. Babel Torsh will always have a squad of Stormtroopers stationed at the Solar Wind’s docking bay, for “security reasons” making sure that nothing illegal enters or leaves the ship. His men will insist on repeated inspections of everyone that enters or leaves the hangar, though ID’s will only be checked once.
  2. Frak Zara’s comm will be on a state of panic. At least ten to fifteen times per day, various journalists from news agencies will want to talk to him in order to arrange interviews with him and his crew. The epitome will be an attempt to have both the captain and Babel Torsh on the same show, something Torsh will never allow but might be tricked into doing if the agency is very good. This will lead to some spectacular on-air moments, as Torsh will lose his temper and start tossing accusations of conspiracy left and right – and might even order his men to detain everyone and close down the channel.
  3. IllumiWorks (Illuminated Holoworks) Inc, a successful holoseries company will try to obtain the rights to make a series out of Frak Zara and his crew, in an attempt to portray the dangers of a law-abiding Tramp Freighter captain, out in the ravages of space in a galaxy full of rebel insurgents and pirates. They will be willing to offer up to 20.000 credits for the complete rights to the series and characters along with an actual drop point job with its own special reward, detailed below.
  4. As a response to the above, if Captain Zara agrees, in the next few months events will take a twist. His ship will become rather famous, opening some more lucrative venues of trade closer to the Core Worlds, since his fame will be that of a loyal, law-abiding Imperial citizen. That very same reputation however, will make him less welcome to more free-loving ports and captains, maybe even causing some less than savory captains to engage in piracy just to rid their system of this man and his ship.

IllumiWorks offer in detail:
100 tons of HoloReels with the latest movies and series to be transferred to Shownar [note #1]. Accompanying the cargo are two passengers, a producer and a journalist that will interview the Captain and cargo members during the trip. If the Captain agrees to sell the rights for a HoloSeries based on the “Adventures of Solar Wind” for 20.000 Credits, more people will be coming along for the ride (actors and such) to get a “feeling” of their upcoming roles and the trip will be extended some more, stopping to every major system along the Hydian Way for a day to promote the upcoming series and ending the trip to Byblos (in order to get a few shots of a huge starport) and then a brief trip back to Adarlon so that the team can start shootings for the series.
The casting and shooting team is as follows:

  • Devon Sart – Human male, blond and charming in the role of Captain Zak Faran
  • Loreen Blein – Human female, black and rather well built in the role of First Mate Lindra Marius
  • Siri Anatel – Twi’lek female, orange and very sexy, in the role of Mechanic Salana Delvin
  • Tepin Marfous – Human male, average but witty, in the role of Pilot Ed Zyler (will not join the flight)
  • Daniel Vorn – Human male, well groomed and reserved, in the role of Doctor Hertin Bol (will not join the flight)
  • Edmund Herms – Human male, very well built and intimidating, in the role of Security Officer Shinchin Drek
  • Ferun Darnhil – Human male, elusive and well-mannered, in the role of Trade Liaison Arnold Vern
  • Trimon Doyan – Duros male, camera operator and droid operator for the droid sphere camera Z2-TR
  • Sedrick Ornal – Human male, producer.

Accepting the offer for the HoloSeries means that the following contract terms come into play:

  1. IllumiWorks maintains the right to include or exclude any member crews from their version of the Solar Wind as well as the right to alter race, name and gender for any crew member, as well as their designated “roles” and specialties on board the ship.
  2. IllumiWorks maintains the right to alter the name and model of the ship as well as any other details pertaining to its port of origin, legal status, registration information etc.
  3. IllumiWorks maintains the right to create fictional “adventures” for the ship and crew to take part in, which may or may not be based on real facts, without needing to warn its audience on the validity of the facts presented in each episode. A simple template disclaimer will be displayed at the start of each episode, announcing that “The incidents depicted in the series may contain inspiration from real facts”.
  4. As an additional terms – and only if the series proves to be successful – IllumiWorks will reserve a private hangar bay for the ship “Solar Wind” and its captain “Frak Zara”, along with free docking fees and resupply fees, as long as the captain agrees to devote himself, his ship and his crew for at least two standard days on each visit in Adarlon to IllumiWorks for promotional issues. This requirements may be before or after any essential repairs on the ship, as per IllumiWorks’ request on each visit. Any repair parts and services will still be paid by the Captain and Crew at Galactic Standard Prices (non-negotiable). [note #2]

note #1
Hyperspace Route
Adarlon – Dagobah (Rima Trade Route): 4 hours
Rima to Kerest : 36 hours
Kerest to Shownar: 54 hours

Pirate attack mid-way between Kerest and Shownar. See [note #3] for stats

note #2
Success of the series will be determined by the Series Producer. The Producer has a Business skill of 5D which will be rolled against a Moderate (14) difficulty. Each roll is one month’s worth of airing. If at any time a heroic result is achieved, the additional terms come into play until the producer rolls either a “1” in the Wild Die, or three consecutive failures. The ship’s crew and captain can augment this roll by making “promotional trips”. For each destination listed by IllumiWorks that the Solar Wind spends two days in as “tourist attraction”, add 1D to this month’s roll. Additionally, the Captain may (and will be strongly encouraged to) accept having a little droid along, to capture footage of their travels. This will add an additional 1D to the Producer’s roll (and will also be a way for very long distance communications – though this will not be announced to the Captain). The Executive Producer will try VERY hard to ensure the captain and crew that no sensitive information will be leaked to the standing government by the droid, but it is left up to the Captain to decide.

Other Events
Gelgelar Free Port
A scientific team will be arriving to study the denizens of the swamps.

Stend VI
Swoop Gangs on an all-out war against the Imperial Repulsorsled team. Casualties on civilians rising.

The Consular's Fasting - Part 2

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