Sense Path Vision III

Mer finds himself awakening from his meditation on board the Tantive IV.

The jump to Coruscant has been completed and they are slowly approaching the planet. As they follow their approach vector, a new Star Destroyer emerges from hyperspace near the Tantive IV’s position.

All space traffic is hailed to stand by while the Star Destroyer approaches the planet. As the craft passes in close proximity to the Corellian Corvette, Mer feels a sudden grip around his heart, a feeling of immense darkness coming from that particular Star Destroyer.

At that very instant, the Star Destroyer opens fire with the full complement of its turbolaser batteries on the Corellian Corvette on which Mer and the others are travelling. Mer wakes up from the vision with images of the Corvette’s bridge being consumed by flame and explosions.

GM Info Revealed

Mer rolled a “1” on the Wild Die for the Sense Path.
I decided it’s a mishap, so I gave him a particularly foreboding vision and will plague him with hunches of “dark omens” throughout the mission.

Sense Path Vision III

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