New Skills and Traits

New Character Traits


Cost: 1D at character creation, 20 CP to train during play.
When a character holds one weapon in each hand and tries to use both in a round, his “off-hand” receives a -5 penalty to his final roll total. Characters with the ambidextrous trait ignore this penalty. Additionally, it allows a character to learn the Two-Weapon Fighting Advanced Skill

New Dexterity Skills

Two-Weapon Fighting (Advanced Skill)

To learn this skill a character needs the Ambidextrous special trait and at least 5D in a combat skill that involves single-handed weapons, or brawling (heavy weapons or vehicle blasters are not valid, for example). Once the character has 5D in an appropriate weapon skill, they can start learning this skill spending the normal CP’s required for an Advanced Skill. The advanced skill may be purchased multiple times, each time referring to a different combat skill. This means that if a character has “Blasters” at 5D, they cannot use slugthrowers with their two-weapon fighting skill, it needs a separate skill for slugthrower weapons. The effects are outlined below:

  • When the character is attacking with two melee weapons as separate actions, each full “D” in this skill gives +1 pip to the player’s attack and parry rolls. When attacking with two ranged weapons, they only get the bonus to their attack roll.
  • When the character is attacking with two melee or ranged weapons as a single action, add the full dice of this skill to each attack. If it’s used in this manner, then the character no longer receives the above bonus in melee attack and parry rolls for the rest of the round.

If both weapons aim at the same target: No penalty.
Two targets, up to 60 degrees apart: +1 difficulty class (easy becomes moderate, moderate becomes difficult, etc)
Two targets, up to 120 degrees apart: +2 difficulty class
Two targets, up to 180 degrees apart: +3 difficulty class. This is the maximum arc a humanoid character can fire.

Additional Modifiers:
Weapon is large. Designed to be used two-handed (e.g. Blaster rifle): +1 difficulty class per such weapon.

Special Uses:
A character possessing the Two Weapon Fighting skill for both a Melee and a Ranged combat skill may use a ranged and a melee weapon as one action as long as his target is in range for both.

Sleight of Hand (Thrawn Trilogy, page 84)

Time taken: One round
Specializations: Specific kinds of actions – poisoning drinks, magic tricks, etc.
Sleight of hand is a blanket term for a range of deceitful actions or conjuring tricks requiring manual dexterity. A character may decide to switch datapads or comlinks without someone’s notice. These actions are most often done in plain view, and must be made against an opposed Perception or search roll.
Example: Dex Starlancer is involved in a high stakes game of Pazaac, and is trying to cheat is way into an easy victory. He attempts to pull a winning card out of his sleeve to turn the tide of the game. He uses his sleight of hand skill of 4D against an unwary opponent. Dex makes his slight of hand roll of 14. The gamemaster roles the opponent’s perception skill of 3D and gets an 11. Since Dex’s roll is higher than his opponent’s, Dex successfully slips the card out of his sleeve and into his hand.

+5 to the target’s roll: quiet environment and with few distractions.
+10 to the target’s roll: the character is well known for such acts of deception and the target(s) are particularly wary.
+5 to the character’s roll: the character has conned the targets into thinking he or she is a trustworthy or incapable person
+10 or more to the character’s roll: congested and loud atmosphere with many visual and audio distractions.

New Knowledge Skills


Time Taken: One round to several days
Specializations: Specific type or ogranization – Military Organizations, Police Procedures, Imperial Navy, Imperial Military, Imperial Procedures, Bounty Hunter Houses etc.

This skill reflects a character’s familiarity with how legal organizations are structured. Organizations can be used to estimate the size and presence of a legal force such as the army in an area as well as what to expect from it in response to actions of a player.
For example, the logical size and response time of a city’s police is an Organization roll. An estimate about the number of stormtroopers within a specific Garisson is an Organization roll or an Organization (Imperial Military) specialization roll.

New Skills and Traits

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