Imperial Bureaus

Below is a list of Bureaus and other public services that maintain offices on the Imperial Center (Coruscant) along with information on how it would benefit someone to gain access to their systems (or to bribe someone with access).


  • Bureau of Transportation: Maintains all the necessary permits for atmospheric transportation vehicles.
    • Class III Restricted Permit: This permit allows flying in restricted airspace of Coruscant, with the exception of Military Restricted airspace.
  • Imperial Citizenship Bureau: Responsible for all registered Imperial Citizens of the Galaxy. Useful for planting Galactic or Sector fake Identities.
  • Bureau of Permits: Responsible for maintaining a list of all applicable equipment permits and to whom they are issued.
  • Bureau of Ships and Services: Responsible for the registration of private-owned starships and ship equipment.
  • Bureau of Domestic Planning: Responsible for maintaining a list of buildings, architectural plans and projects for the Imperial Center
  • Imperial Bounty Bureau: Responsible for maintaining and updating all bounties issued by the Galactic Empire
  • Bureau of Indentured Service: Responsible for maintaining and updating a list of all Imperial-sanctioned Indentured Service (legal slavery).
  • Bureau of Droid Census: Responsible for maintaining and updating a list of all registered droids and their masters.
  • ISB: The public page for the Imperial Security Bureau. Provides declassified information on cases that have been handled by the ISB. Known fact: ISB’s top secret servers have a way to be accessed through the ISB. Also Known Fact: Those daring and capable enough to go past the first few layers of security are never heard of again.

Other Services

  • Municipalities: Municipalities can be a benefit when someone wants to plant fake ID’s in order to create a believable background by planting birth and citizenship certificates. (Planetary IDs)
  • Traffic Control: One “service node” per Imperial Center sector. Handles all atmospheric traffic.
    • Space Traffic Control: One Service Node, located near the starport. Handles all incoming and outgoing space traffic.
  • Communications: Responsible for Communication services, including Holo-Comms (planetary coverage), as well as any form of legal communication between planets, systems or sectors (“post office” / “telephony provider”).
  • COMPNOR: The main public node for the *Com*mission for the *P*reservation of the *N*ew *Or*der. Unlike the ISB’s main node, COMPNOR has more information about its activities (especially the SAG groups) and less “important” datafiles to be sliced out of here.
  • Coruscant Guard databases: Each Imperial Center sector maintains a Guard headquarters. These headquarters coordinate the Guards and Police Droids assigned to the Sector. Obtaining access to this Node allows the planting of false alarms, false orders, false response requests, or the alteration of existing ones.

Imperial Bureaus

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