From Stend VI to Adarlon - The Scandal

Session Three – From Stend VI to Adarlon.

“The Consular’s Fasting” Scandal.

Having registered their ship, having obtained every legal permit required and having reported to NaKuda they are ready to set off, Captain Zarah and his crew set out around Stend VI to locate viable jobs. Loading up a cargo hold to be delivered in several locations, they set off to complete three distinct jobs.

  • Deliver 8 tons of blaster weapons in a drop-off point in the Minos Cluster above Shesharile 5 & 6.
  • Ferry a group of Swoop Gangers that are leaving Stend VI and want to go to Shesharile 5.
  • Deliver a large cargo of empty holodisks and a smaller one of Luxury Foodstuffs to Adarlon, where the local Imperial Consular’s birthday feast will take place.

The route plotted by the ship’s Pilot and Astrogator Fred Syler had a few … problems. Their first jump from Stend VI to Farstine so that they’d end up on the Hydian Way trade route was successful. Their second jump meant for Eriadu, however, was miscalculated and the Solar Wind ended up in Haruun Kal. Since Haarun Kal is a planet with increased Force Sensitivity in its denizens, around this time it was constantly and commonly under bombardment to eradicate the threat of other Force Sensitives. So, a Solar Wind jumps out of Hyperspace in this system, while a Victory-I Class Star Destroyer is in orbit around Haarun Kal and our heroes have a whole load of illegal guns (8 tons) AND 8 Swoop Gangers.

After several tense moments of delicate maneuvering, they manage to evade detection, plot their next jump (to Eriadu) and leave. With their third jump successful, they arrived in Eriadu System where the Hydian Way meets the Rimma Trade Route. From there, their fourth jump would take them to the Minos Cluster. With another failed roll, the ship makes its to its destination on time, but the Hyperdrive is slightly stressed, resulting in a reprimand from Zarah to Fred on his route plotting. Loaded as they were with illegal commodities, the crew had decided not to make Adarlon their first destination in the Minos Cluster, so this jump was a “custom” one, bringing them to Shesharile 5’s space.

Communicating in a predetermined frequency, they located the recipients of their cargo, docked with another freighter and off-loaded the 8 tons of blaster crates. Next stop, they landed on Shesharile 5, off-loaded their passengers and took off with one last leg of the journey remaining – the delivery of the luxury foodstuffs for the Consular’s birthday and the empty holodisks to one of Adarlon’s many holo-studios.

And that’s where everything went wrong… Following a disastrous route plotting, the Solar Wind emerges… somewhere. Sensors indicate absolutely no known stellar bodies in the immediate proximity and there is hardly any indication of where they are. Zarah throws a fit, after what was the third faulty route plotting out of a total of five and nearly shoots Fred on the spot. There is a general hiatus aboard the ship, as they try to determine where are they.

After a few hours of calculations, they determine their location far to the south of the Hydian Way (Not explored at the time of the campaign) to what will come to be known as the Kathol Sector in the future.

Having absolutely no idea how to get back as there is no known route from this part of the Galaxy towards the more civilized and colonized areas, the crew manages to plot a course that will eventually take them back to known space but it will take them 45 days in hyperspace! (15 days jump, x3 due to the Solar Wind’s hyperspace results in a 45 days long jump).

During the Jump’s calculation, Lockon spends a Force Point to make the roll, after what was a fit of stressful potential calculations and the crew begins to spend its 45 days in hyperspace. Tensions run high, Zarah spends most of his time in his quarters coming out only when is his turn to keep watch on the cockpit and generally Fred is not exactly the most popular person on the ship.

After 45 long, boring days, the Solar Wind finally emerge in realspace and crew and passengers (Eredin namely) rush to the cockpit to see where they are. To their great relief, they are at the edge of the Pergitor System, a system in the edge of the Minos Cluster. Feeling lucky and glad for the first time in over a Standard Galactic Month, the ship sets course for Pergitor for some much needed rest, resupply and a healthy bout of revelry to celebrate their successful return home, carrying 45 tons of blank holodisks and 8 tons of luxury foods, when they receive Pergitor’s MeToSP (Message To Spacers):

Greetings Visitors and welcome to the Most Benevolent Theocracy of Pergitor.
The ruling body of Pergitor is the Church of Infinite Perceptions. In order to facilitate a more comfortable visit for you, please note the following State Restrictions.
1) The use of any drugs or artificial stimulants, including any and all forms of medication is strictly forbidden.
2) It is illegal to exhibit or use any sort of paranormal activity.
3) No public entertainment is permitted – this includes any sort of singing, holos, or telling jokes (Be warned: People have been arrested for laughing in public).
4) It is forbidden to import any sort of luxury good, including jewelry or precious metals.
5) Sacrilege of any kind against the Church of Infinite Perceptions is a capital offense, punishable by summary execution.
Enjoy your stay.

Frak took out his blaster, shot the message screen and told Lockon to take them to A REAL PLANET. Unanimously, the crew agreed and they plotted their next jump – to Adarlon.

Continued in The Consular’s Fasting – Part 2

From Stend VI to Adarlon - The Scandal

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