From Gelgelar To Stend VI - First Time

Session Two – The return to Stend VI.

Having obtained their ship – a rundown XS-800 with a x3 hyperdrive – and having performed some basic repairs, Frakk Zarah sets out to find work. Unfortunately, Gelgelar is not a “land of opportunity” for an aspiring smuggler so he settles for passengers and a few tons of a planet-grown mold.

The Passengers are Eredin Nova with his two guards, Renji and Saude, a couple of Mold Farmers from Gelgelar and several pilgrims of a spiritual following known as The Followers of Kooroo. During his meeting with the Followers, Frakk’s player botches his Cultures roll and mistakenly thinks the Followers are a militaristic sect, while in truth they are pacifists. With a good use of his Con skill, he saves the situation by weaving a story in which his father – a great warrior of renown – decided to give up his chosen profession and embrace the peaceful teachings of Kooroo. This helped to convince the Followers that they should strike a deal with this Captain for passage, since he has such a spiritual background.

GM’s Notes (revealed)

Hyperspace Travel Complications
Jump to Elrood – none
Jump to Eriadu – none
Jump to Farstine – none
Jump to Stend – Encounter with the Redshift Runner, Z-10 “Seeker” class, captained by Elga Arbo (Human, fem, freetrader). The ship is just within Scan range as the players emerge in the system and in the process of preparing to jump out of the system. Since the entry and exit points are quite close (pure chance), this encounter might lead to some interesting Radio Chatter between crafts. Eredin has heard of the Runner’s reputation, but knows nothing about the bounty. He hasn’t worked with Arbo before. More information can be gathered at Stend VI.
UPDATE: This took place. The two ships had a bit of an argument over who nearly jumped on the other, but nothing more than that.

Arrival on Stend VI complications
Unless the crew manages to convince the local customs officer to accept a bribe (around 1000Cr), the Solar Wind will be properly “inspected” as all arriving crafts. Failure to procure the necessary documents will result in confiscation of the ship and several fines ranging up to 3000 credits. NaKuda can help obtaining the ship back, reducing the fines (by means of bribing 50% of their amount) and also provide contacts for the legal procedures required to make the necessary legal permits. The second part will also require a 50% bribe over the normal costs, to overlook some inspection discrepancies as well as several ommisions such as a detailed background check on the captain, or a complete listing of his flight record with the necessary 10 years of flight experience required.

Stend VI complications

1)The crew of the “Frilled Kryll” is on the planet for the swoop races. The Frilled Kryll is the ship Eredin and his companions was working with that dumped them on Gelgelar. Seeing Eredin and the rest there, they might be inclined to browbeat their current partners in “convincing” Eredin to work with them again. This might even escalate into a bar brawl in the Pits. UPDATE: Resolved outside the scenes
2)A Swoop gang might be feeling a bit “insulted” by Captain Zarah’s recent ambitions to leave his spot as a swoop mechanic to become a spacer. They might try to enforce “tolls” or other such unpleasant harrassments on his crew. They will back down if NaKuda intervenes but that’s something he will normally do only if things start to get out of hand. In NaKuda’s eyes, even the swoop gangs harassments are part of a crew’s life and perfectly acceptable as long as they do not directly hinder his own plans UPDATE: Done.
3)A different Swoop Gang (The Knights) have a contact that Eredin knows. He will be trading information to them regarding other systems and apparently other gangs in those systems. UPDATE: Eredin delivered imperial movement information

Stend VI Job Opportunities.

  1. Cargo hauling, depending on imports and exports.
  2. Some swoopers that came here for the races might be seeking passage back to their system (Minos Cluster)
  3. Drop Point Deliveries of cargo ranging from 20 to 100 tons.
  4. Smuggling of machine parts, for repulsorlift vehicles. 1 or 2 tons at most. Also smuggling of swoop bikes.

Stend VI Information tidbits

  1. NaKuda has already shipped the Nella craft, along with a representative and Yerkys replied that the debt is considered squared – But that particular captain should watch himself around Shesharile 5. UPDATE: Fred Apologized to Ne Dago during a future visit and Ne Dago offered Zara to contact him when in-system, for jobs.
  2. The Redshift Runner loaded a cargo of consumer goods and took off. Players can learn several things about the runner, if they care to know who was that rude Captain:
  3. It’s flight path with the proper “inquiries” and related bribes to starport control.
  4. The fact that there is a bounty of 20.000 thousand credits on Arbo’s head
  5. More about her reputation as a fast ship.
  6. In one week, there is the annual swoop race. UPDATE: Done. In the end, Lockon and Fred took place.

Legal Trading Permits – A full run-down. UPDATE: Obtained
To have a perfectly legal trading permit, the following are required:
1)Ship’s Operating license. It details the ship’s specifications, port of origin, manufacturer, registrationn code with the BOSS. Also identifies the current owner and transponder codes. Legally available for a 1000 credits fee and a full background check on the owner, an inspection of the ship and a transponder code verification reading. With the necessary contacts, the background check can be avoided (600 credits bribe) and the inspection – while unavoidable – can result in a ship “marginally passing” (with another 500 credits bribe).
2)Captain’s Accredited License. Every captain is required to have a license to pilot the particular starship class they’re flying. This, as an exception, can be a license for an accredited “pilot, indentured by an employment contract to a legal ship owner” for those captains that have a ship, but do not know how to fly it. Effectively, the license is valid for the pilot and this particular ship only. If the captain changes a pilot, he’ll need a new license. Obtaining a license requires several oral, written and flight tests as well as 10 years of documented time in space, an extensive background check and a 300 credits fee. The BoSS usually oversees most of the tests and the flight time for an “expeditor fee” around 200 credits. As long as an individual has a valid, legal ID in the imperial databanks, they can apply for this license.
3)Arms Load-Out Permit. Non-military starships with weapons or unusually high shield ratings require an arms load-out permit acknoledging that the additional weapons and shields are authorized by the BoSS. To obtain the permit, a brief inspection of the ship is required along with a verification of the starship’s and captain’s licenses, a background check and a minimum of 250 credits fee, depending on the types of shields and weapons carried. With an additional 250 credits bribe, the background check can be bypassed, as long as the ship does not carry any restricted military equipment on board.

These prices are very difficult to negotiate, as the customs officer has the final say in the matter, and for every captain that doesn’t want to have a license there are tens that are willing to pay for one. Rules-wise, the character that tries to make the bribe must first achieve a persuasion roll with a difficulty depending on the planet they are on (moderate for Stend VI). To barter the bribe, a Very Difficult bargain roll is required and even if successful, the price will never go down more than 5%. Any more than that, and the inquiring captain risks offending the customs officials, with all the legal repercussions that might entail.

Acting through Kaylo NaKuda – If a deal with the officials is made through Kaylo NaKuda, then no rolls for bribes need to be made and the total bribe cost will be reduced by 5%. Of course, the characters will be indebted to the Herglic, if not already so.

Eredin’s work opportunities on Stend VI
Given one day per roll to look around and check with contacts, Eredin will have the following jobs lined up out of Stend VI.
One job opportunity: Major job, 40 tons, 9Cr / ton plus luxury foodstuff. Short trip (Minos Cluster) UPDATE: Delivered 45 days late. Holodisks, see Session Three
Two job opportunities:
Moderate Job (Gunrunning): 80Cr / ton, 8 tons. Medium Trip (To be routed to some rebel cell).
Moderate Job (Swoops): 60Cr / ton, 4 tons (8 swoops), 2 passengers (gangers). Long Trip to some shadow port.
One job opportunity:
Major Job (Drop-Point + Passengers): 8Cr / ton, 80 tons, 6 passengers. Medium trip.

From Gelgelar To Stend VI - First Time

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