Force Related House Rules

As with General House rules, our Force Related House Rules can be found in this google docs folder along with Vehicular Combat Rules.

Lightsaber Forms

  • Lightsaber Fighting Forms PDF (Downloaded from the Rancor Pit. Link is in our Google Docs folder)
    • Variation in our Campaign: In the PDF above it is stated that the Lightsaber Skill is in effect, Form I. In our campaign that is not the case. Lightsaber Skill is the general concept of grabbing a lightsaber and striking something without cutting yourself (i.e. Han Solo would use Lightsaber Skill). Form I, is a specific fighting form, used as an advanced skill like any other form described in the PDF.
  • Form “Zero”

New Force Powers

  • Control
  • Sense
  • Alter

Force Related House Rules

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