Session Five – Complications

Our group of characters has just exited hyperspace in the Shownarr system, with their ship facing a lot of technical problems. Its entire lower hull has been scraped off and there is only a jury-rigged patch holding a hull-breach closed. Additionally, another jury-rigged repair keeps the maneuvering thrusters running.

Additionally, two people on board – Edward the Medic and Siri, a Passenger – are in critical condition while four more are wounded. Approaching Shownarr, the Solar Wind transmits its condition and request to land, which is accepted almost instantly. Just one complication remains.

If the Solar Wind tries to perform a typical re-entry, the entire ship will melt. Having a scraped lower hull means that the thermal shields at the ship’s underside are also destroyed and the frame will certainly not survive the re-entry process. Fred Syler knows about this and instructs every person to secure any wounded and tie them up and in turn to buckle up securely, because they’re in for a bumpy ride.

Once everybody is secure, Fred begins his approach – upside down. Showing his true talent at piloting, he enters Shownarr’s atmosphere almost vertically, with Solar Wind’s topside facing most of the stress from the reentry. The situation becomes rather intolerable, as the temperature rises and warning lights begins to blare all over Fred’s console, as he tries not to lose consciousness from the absurdity of his stunt. Then, suddently, the planet’s gravitational pull begins to lessen and slowly Fred straightens the ship – he managed to enter Shownarr’s atmosphere with only half a thermal shield!

Approaching the starport, the Solar Wind lands and the wounded are immediately ferried to the hospital. Zarah handles any docking procedures and any crew member not wounded is given some shore leave to recuperate. All, except Dominic who is almost white from worry – both for his beloved ship and for Siri whom he had begun to like very very much.

Providing the funds for the repairs, Zarah also inquired on the nature of his medic’s condition. He was notified that he needed immediate surgery and Zarah devoted five thousand credits to securing the best medical droid available to perform the operation.

With the ship repaired and all wounded parties recuperating, Zarah begun looking for job opportunities so that his journey here won’t be a total loss. Searching, he finds a group of 4 passengers to ferry to Stend VI.

Once his crew was out of the hospital, Siri thanks the captain and Fred for their heroism that practically saved her life and make a special gift to Dominic – a gold encrusted hydrospanner. With a few brief goodbyes, the crew departs from Shownarr.

GM’s Notes (Revealed)
The ship cannot enter atmosphere without running the risk of burning out because all of the underside buffers are wrecked due to the crash. In order to safely enter atmosphere a Very Difficult (27) Space Transports roll is required, otherwise the ship begins to disintegrate in the re-entry and the passengers and crew have 3+1d6 minutes to evacuate. UPDATE: Successful reentry.

Note #1
In order to survive, each of the critically wounded characters requires a Very Difficult surgery roll. Depending on the services that each has available, the skill of the surgeon varies. Consider the Twi’Lek to obtain the highest available service, due to her contract and insurance. UPDATE: Twi’lek survived.

If a player does not have insurance, the character can be kept in a comatose state for up to two weeks before dying. The relevant medical facility will offer the following services to whoever applies as his “next of kin”.

1,000 Credits – Sentient Doctor with Medicine 4D
2,000 Credits – Sentient Doctor with Medicine 5D
3,000 Credits – Sentient Doctor with Medicine 6D and 2 character points
4,000 Credits – Sentient Doctor with Medicine 7D and 2 character Points
5,000 Credits – Medical Droid with Medicine 9D

In the 4,000 and 5,000 price services, all necessary transplants will be organic, vat-grown transplants. In all lesser services, prosthetic implants will be used to replace several failed organs such as vertebrae, nerve stems and internal organs. In the 1,000 Credits service, if the patient survives they lose -1D Strength (minimum Strength of 1D, ignore excess if it drops below 1D) from the trauma and low quality prosthetics. UPDATE: Captain paid 5.000 Credits. Doctor Survived.

Truth Behind the Matter:

What has transpired on board the Solar Wind ever since loading and take off:

  • Z2 used his “Droid Programming” Skill to “soft program” R4-B5 with the Bargaining skill at 1D. This skill will be lost if R4 is memory wiped.
  • Z2 is a standard camera droid used by IllumiWorks, unremarkable from any other camera droid. The difference is that Loreen Blein has planted a subspace communicator with several light years range in the droid and has fed information on their route to the pirates that attacked them. UPDATE: Never discovered
  • The Pirates were a band of low end grunts and mercenaries, hired by Loreen to add realism to the trip and also kill her hated antagonist, Siri. If Siri does not make the operation and dies, Loreen will be quite satisfied. UPDATE: Siri survived.
  • Due to the possible heat that might be traced if people start asking around too much, Loreen has a contigency plan in place: After her recovery in the local hospital she will stage her abduction (and possibly, Siri’s murder if not successful yet) and take off from the planet. The rest of the passengers – oblivious to her scheme – will beseech the Captain to track down that ship and get her back, offering up to twenty-five thousand credits for her return (more than enough to cover their current repairs) and willing to bargain up to thirty thousand, but no more. None of the passengers know of Loreen’s plan. Eredin will discreetly try to nudge the Captain into acceptingthe offer. If the Captain accepts, proceed to “Star Chase” below. UPDATE: Nobody cared for the pirate ship. Loreen and Siri recuperated and booked a passage home. Potential side-story for later use.

Star Chase – Shownar
The Solar Wind is a faster ship than the raider’s YT-1210, though the YT has a turret and can pose to be a greater threat, especially since the raiders no longer fly it in “light” mode, having made several modifications the last days (with Loreen’s reward). They replaced the medium Ion with a double laser on the turret to cover the loss of their fire support and have mounted the Ion cannon on a front mounted position.

If the players act fast – within a maximum of one hour after the abduction – they will be able to try and detect the YT still in-system, preparing to make a jump. The YT will still need 1d6+4 rounds to complete its jump from the time the players locate it. If they manage to stop them (which is hard), then they can avert the entire event. Otherwise, the ship jumps out and the players are left with two options:
a) Try to discern their destination based on their jump trajectory and
b) Try to learn the raiders’ next destination if they had talked with anyone at the starport and surrounding Cantina.
In the first case, it takes a heroic Sensors roll to determine their destination, based on their jump, while in the second it will take a few hours or days and a couple of Moderate to Difficult Streetwise roll.

Either way the players decide to go after them, it’s one jump away, to Reuss VIII, a decaying industrial world whose atmosphere is polluted beyond repair. UPDATE: Players learned about Reuss VIII from an illegal pit fighting group. No abduction or star chase made.


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