Tag: Socorro


  • Aquato Boliscon

    Once a noteworthy smuggler himself, Boliscon turned his spice- and gun-running profits to risky, but ultimately quite profitable investments; in time, this windfall allowed him to purchase Soco-Jarel Spaceport.

  • Hhalyia Ahsane

    Many speculate on her origins: Perhaps she was a chef for an elite Imperial noble, or a retired bounty hunter, or a smuggler who grew tired of the risks and opted out for a more stable and lucrative career. There are those who believe that all three may …

  • Benoni Ulte

    Since coming out of the desert to learn more of his strange Corellian ancestors, Benoni Ulte has been a vital asset to the management of Soco-Jarel and Vakeyya. As an Ibhaan'l shaman, he is held in the highest regard by the indigenous peoples of Socorro, …