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  • Book Keeping - Background Contracts

    The group has decided to invest some funds in other contacts and crews they know, so far they have taken the following steps: # The Pride of Aldera and its captain will perform legal trade jobs, with an initial capital of 200,000 Credits, to go towards …

  • Book Keeping

    In this page, notes will be held about ongoing player and GM projects. * [[Book Keeping - Background Contracts | Book Keeping - Background Contracts]] * [[Contact Crews | Contact Crews ]]

  • Contact Crews

    * *Pride of Aldera* Captain: Business:5D+1 Streetwise:3D Capital:200k * *Blessed Confession* Captain: Symel Business:5D Streetwise:6D Capital:75k * *Starshade* Captain: Jake Magnus Business:3D Streetwise:5D Capital: * …