Former Clone Commando - Turned Rebel with the aid of the Force. Leader of Senth Squad


Tall and muscular, Seth has the typical characteristics of a Clone Trooper. Dark hair and eyes and a thick, Mandalorian accent complete his image but his physique is marred by the lack of his right arm which has been replaced by an obvious cybernetic one.


Seth is an elite clone commando, rigorously trained to fight and overcome almost any kind of obstacle. He was part of a locate-and-detain Imperial Commando squad sent to Bespin’s Cloud City to address the threat created by the Player Characters (They flashed lightsabers in a room monitored by cameras).

The Commandos successfully shadowed their target for the first day until the group decided to explore the lower levels of Bespin City, where the Commando team was discovered. In the fight that ensued, all clones were defeated and Clone Commando JK-1345 lost his arm to Mer’s Lightsaber.

Seth with armorThe team faced a very harsh decision that they cannot leave any surviving clones alive, or their presence will be reported back to the Empire, so they decided to dump them along with their armors from Cloud City. Before the unconscious JK-1345 was dumped in an air shaft, Lockon Marius decided to try and call upon the Force to share his experiences as a former Imperial Pilot with the Clone, thus showing him the evils of the Empire first hand. Fueled by the Force, this act broke the clone’s pre-programmed loyalty to the Imperial Edict, effectively turning him to the “rebel side”.

Upon returning to the Resurgence, JK-1345 was treated for his lost arm and proved to be an invaluable source of intelligence, especially concerning the inner working of the Imperial Intelligence Agencies.

Taking up the code name “Seth” for himself, he requested to form a strike team and begin using his skills, knowledge and expertise in the fight against the Empire.


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