Mer Noldo

Male Nautolan - Jedi Knight


Status: DEAD

Mer tombstone

Tall even for a Nautolan, Mer Noldo stands about 6’10’’ with broad shoulders and a strong body. His skin is blue-green with deep blue eyes. Usually he is dressed with a black tunic that covers all of his body.


(notes for Mer Noldo – draft bio)

Mer Noldo was born in a small town (name?), at the Sabilon region of Glee Anselm.

Family, common people, maybe scholars or arts. In any case Mer never developed strong relationships with them. He left Glee Anselm when he was very young to train as a Jedi.

At the Jedi Temple he soon discovered his talent for history, lore and archaeology. His training focused more on Jedi Lore and the secrets lost in the millenia.

He managed to escape Coruscant during the Jedi purge and hide in some backwater agricultural planet, in the outer rim, where he spend the next nine years.

He met Devron Rann, a Jedi Padawan who also survived the Purge, at ORD Torrenze and he decided to become active again and join the effort for building an early form of resistance against the Galactic Empire.

Mer Noldo

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