Keylara Arran

1.70, brown hair, blue eyes identical to Lock's in colour, Medic


Keylara Arran, Lockon’s twin sister, bears a strong resemblence to him. Hair colour and eye colour are identical. Fortunately her sense of humour is not like that of her brother, although they do share a similar sense of duty towards helping others, each in their own way. In Keylara, this manifested as a desire to become a physician. She is presently part of the medical staff on board the flagship “Resurgence”

Keylara was imprisoned by imperial forces when her brother was suspected of being a Jedi, and later rescued from a holding facility on Felucia by one of the team’s first missions by sgt. Baer. The same mission that brought admiral Varth on board the resurgence.

Keylara Arran

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