Hhalyia Ahsane

Bartender / Hostess of the Custom Stop - Boliscon Towers' cantina


Dedicated, energetic and unique are the words frequently used to describe Hhalyia Ahsane. The attractive hostess oversees nearly every aspect of the Custom Stop, from its kitchens to the outer bars, to the gambling tables themselves. Dressed in the trademark garb of a well-to-do smuggler (Flight jacket, neat cargo pants), she works her way from table to table, greeting customers in the Old Corellian tongue. She carried a Caelli-Merced heavy blaster pistol – “Just an incentive to keep the peace” she calls it.


Many speculate on her origins: Perhaps she was a chef for an elite Imperial noble, or a retired bounty hunter, or a smuggler who grew tired of the risks and opted out for a more stable and lucrative career. There are those who believe that all three may be the case.

Hhalyia Ahsane

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