Fred Syler

Male Human


Status: Inactive

Last known activity: Pilot for the Rescue team.

Fred is mainly the group pilot/astrogator. Among other trates he has are his social skills. He is human, medium build and usually seen wearing flight jackets. He is currently 22 years old and has brown shortish hair and blue eyes.


Fred was raised aboard a Ghtroc 580 Light Freighter Space Transport that was operated by his parents, who were of Corellian descent. With them he traveled the galaxy aboard their ship doing free trading as a means of income. He has no home planet, due to the nature of the business he has spent time on countless Space Stations and planets, never for too long though. His home is deep space.

As Fred got older, his skill and knowledge about piloting and traveling around the galaxy became better and better. The business was doing well, the star ship was nearly paid off, the future seemed bright.

All this changed when the Empire rised. Taxes went up, bureaucracy caused package delays and due to the negligence of the Empire towards the Outer Rims of the galaxy, where small traders thrived, were now infested with pirates and space bandits.

As the years went by the situation only became more dire. Fred and his family had managed to fairly evade every danger that had come their way, up until a point-to-point delivery job took them to the Minos Cluster. There they were hit by pirates, stripped of their cargo and worst, the ship was damaged nearly beyond repair, cause them crash land while trying to enter atmosphere on Shesharile V. During landing Fred’s father died from excessive damage to the cockpit, his mother and himself survived.

The were stranded on a foreign planet with no ship, nearly no money and a debt towards the recipient of the cargo that never was delivered.

At the age of 13 Fred was grounded, working and trying to build a life from scratch along with his mother. His dream was to follow in the steps of his father, become a pilot, a trader, the best one.

Many years later Fred had the luck of meeting a brilliant young mechanic, Dominic, as he attempted to start his own transportation business.

And that is where our adventure starts…

Fred Syler

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