Frakk Zarah

Human male


Frakk Zarah is a quite tall and thin man around his mid-thirties.


“There is no profit. There is only investment” (while addressing his crew).

“Interesting offer. However, I am sure you understand that there are some minor details we need to discuss” (while bargaining for a contract)

“We don’t take up bounties. We don’t kill people for money. We only kill people that stand between us and our money” (while describing do’s and don’ts on acceptable contract profiles)

Born on Bestine IV, on the year 957 after the Ruusan Reformation, Frakk was the only son of Randall and Lori Zarah. His father was a worker in one of the numerous ship construction yards of the planet while his mother was a civil servant, working at the Bureau of Commonwealth for the Poor.

Young Zarah was not an easy kid to raise. He was getting constantly in trouble that often left him with multiple bruises that strengthened his conviction. His parents, being very often away from home due to heavy work hours, struggling to get by every day, were unable to control him and soon a teenage Frakk found himself in trouble with the authorities. Many a time, a police officer would bring the kid to his parents with the advice for stricter and harder discipline. Finally at the age of 18 (year 10 after the Great ReSynchronization), while still struggling with school, Frakk ended up with a heavy dilemma: he would have to choose between jail for some petty crime he committed or join up the local army forces. He choose the second, since jail was not exactly in his places-to-visit list.

One year later he was thinking that probably jail would have been better. Bestine IV joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and found itself amidst the Clone Wars. Zarah, not being very fond of holding a blaster rifle in the front lines, decided to talk his way through to the Droid Engineering Corps. He convinced his superiors that he was something like of a droid hobbyist and amateur engineer, presented some droid with fake memories as his own work (he of course paid someone to actually implant these memories) and found himself serving as support technician on a droid repair division on Bestine IV. Having managed to get away from the immediate danger of getting too close with a blaster bolt, Frakk raised slowly and without deserving it, to the rank of Master Sergeant.

The end of the Clone Wars (year 16) found Bestine IV under strict Imperial rule. Zarah had started to enjoy his life, having already set up a small business inside the army by selling droid parts that he previously tagged as obsolete and occasionally pushing small quantities of spice to the other soldiers. The coming of the Imperial army made things very hard for him and his small business. His network was disbanded and when they forced him to wear his uniform properly again (as in wear an actual uniform instead of whatever he was wearing before), the 24 year-old Frakk decided that his army days should come to an end. He boarded the first cargo hauler that he found, bribed the captain and defected without even looking back at his home planet (standard date 16:10:27).

Having “past experience” in the Droid Engineering Corps, Frakk didn’t have much difficulty finding jobs on freighters, space transports and cargo haulers. He changed ships as often as possible while trying to move as further to the Outer Rim as possible, doing whatever job he was offered, with the least effort. His excellent ability to sell even his own mother if it suited his needs, managed to get him out of trouble quite a few times. After drifting around for six years with dozens of captains, Frakk Zarah landed on Stend VI and after meeting a Herglic named Kylo Nakuda, he decided to stay there and make a living as a swoop technician. The fact that he scammed his last captain out of a serious amount of credits had nothing to do with that decision (standard date 22:F2:02).

Frakk even though he had no idea about swoops, managed to gain the trust of Nakuda and the swoop bikers of Stend VI. In two years, he was known around the Pits (the local swoop bar) as a friendly and easy-going man, doing favors for everyone and anyone. Nakuda on the other hand got to know his scoundrel side of his personality adding more points to his trust. Everyone liked Zarah, even though it was for different reasons. Finally his chance arrived.

Nakuda offered Zarah a ship and half of a crew (standard date 24:02:02). Nakuda bought a loan that Fred Syler and Dominic owned to Yerkys ne Dago, a Twi’lek loan shark at Shesharile 5 and made a deal with both of them to join a business endeavor for smuggling with a ship of his own and Frakk Zarah as a captain. Having no other choice, Fred and Dominic accepted. Frakk was also forced to recruit Edward Crane as ship’s doctor due to some “disagreement” the doctor had with Nakuda. Finally he also hired ex-imperial Lockon Marius as first mate and he was ready to begin his new life as a captain.

Captain Zarah with his ship Solar Wind managed in one year to become a respected smuggler, to gain the loyalty of his crew and to gather a large sum of credits and a good collection of imperial infringements (see Season One of the campaign). However when he was double crossed to the Imperials by Nakuda, Zarah decided to put him out of the way (preferably by shooting another blowhole with his Thunderer on his fat herglic head) and become the behind-the-scenes controller of Stend VI. His plans were partially successful. Nakuda got executed by the Imperials and Captain Zarah managed to gain the trust and organize some of the local swoop gangs to create a network in order to gain control of the planet. Yet a Jedi named Eredin, who was at the current time working with Zarah, decided to make things a bit more complicated and the Imperials got interested. So much interested that they brought a Victory Star Destroyer to level out the surface of Stend VI.

Captain Zarah and his crew managed to escape and made way to Port Haven. Frakk had no interest to work for or with anyone with Jedi ties and decided to part ways with his crew, since most of them wanted to join the resistance forces against the Imperials. Together with Mr Black, an information broker, they left aboard a YT-1300 and hided in the Corporate Sector, until everything was calm again (standard date 24:08:H3 – Labor Day).

Recently Captain Zarah emerged from his hideout with plans to find a new ship and crew (standard date 27:09:30). Having recruited Dreaph as first mate, Jason as a pilot and Arun Da Veed as security, he traveled to Socorro were he managed to convince his old mechanic, Dominic to join his crew again. Sam Alberts, a friend of Dominic’s also joined as resident forger and slicer after the advice of his mechanic. Captain Zarah’s past actions on Stend VI have established him as a daring smuggler and a man who gets the job done among the underworld and the way is open for new jobs and new adventures… as long as they find the money needed to invest on a new ship. He is just a million credits short.

Frakk Zarah

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