Fallen Follower of Kooroo

One of the Wise Man's three apprentices, lured by the Dark Side.


A young man no longer than 20 years of age, his hair is black and cropped short. His skin is deathly pale, with slightly visible blue veins under his neck and arms. Dressed in a black insulated flight suit with the tatters of an old blue cloak hanging over his shoulders, its hood drawn up in an attempt to hide his facial features.


One of the Wise Man of Kooroo’s three Force-Sensitive followers, Freeja Saar returned one day to Gelgelar to find its meager settlements destroyed. Debris of TIE fighters and the few ships that used to act as Gelgelar’s defense force were scattered among the ruined buildings that used to be the Gelgelar Free Port. Making his way among the ruins, he found a few survivors and helped them, frequently calling upon the Force when he had to. From the survivors, he learned what transpired in Gelgelar and immediately set off for Stend VI to locate his master.

Arriving in Stend VI he was confronted with more death and destruction, as the Empire had finished its bombardment and left, leaving behind a shattered planetary government under imperial martial law. With the Navy withdrawn after the death of Inquisitor Ferlon and the planet no longer deemed important in matters of resources to the rest of the Galaxy, the local Imperial Moff was left with enough ground forces and full jurisdiction to subjugate the planet – a task he had been working on diligiently against the few disparate planetary forces that had taken up arms in response to the planet’s bombardment.

Faced with these consequences, Freeja tried to make contact with the Resistance and succeeded in doing so and for a while he joined them, trying to push back the Imperial War Machine. Slowly, he saw his fellow fighters perish, one after the other, and he snapped. He was tempted by the dark side and ever since he gave in to it, his small cell of rebels begun performing small victories, which led to his band attracting more and more followers. Mounting several successful counter-offensives, Freeja started becoming more violent and ruthless against his enemies, as he drifted closer to becoming a Thrall for the Dark Side. The Imperial Moff relayed his reports of a particularly troublesome band of dissidents with the request for additional navy assets.

As reinforcements, the Empire dispatched the Imperial-I Star Destroyer Retribution from the Qeimet Fleet once more, this time to “finish the job” of subjugating Stend VI by any means necessary. Accompanying the Retribution is an agent of the Emperor to oversee the entire operation and make sure everything goes according to plan.

Freeja Saar’s rag-tag group of raiders faced the wrath and elite training of the Scimitar Assault Wing’s TIE/gt squadrons, resulting in heavy losses and a captured Freeja Saar. Interrogated by the Imperial Agent of the Inquisitorius aboard the Retribution, Freeja gave in more and more to the Dark Side. Through his corruption, he managed to break out from captivity, injuring the imperial agent in the process and stealing his lightsaber. Powered by the Dark Side, Freeja stole a shuttle, landed on Stend VI and hunted by the Imperials he made his way to his ship leaving any survivors of his group behind. Returning to the only place he knows as home and the only place where he feels safe, he took refuge in the Temple of Kooroo where he focused his anger and rage into unlocking more and more power and into learning how to use the strange weapon the Inquisitor had on his person…

Stats Revealed, after Combat.

Freeja Saar, Fallen Follower

Type: Human follower of the Dark Side
Dexterity 3D
Melee Combat 6D+1, Melee Parry 8D, Blasters 6D+2, Dodge 8D, Lightsaber 5D+2
Knowledge 4D
Alien Species 4D+2, Cultures 4D, Languages 4D+2, Planetary Systems 4D+2, Survival 5D, Willpower 7D
Mechanical 2D
Space Transports 6D, Astrogation 6D+1
Perception 4D
Persuasion 4D+2
Strength 3D+1
Stamina 4D
Technical 2D
Space Transports repair 4D, Droid programming 3D, Computer Programming/Repair 3D, First Aid 4D, Lightsaber Repair 3D+1
Control 3D+2
Sense 4D+1
Alter 4D
Force Powers
Control - Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Control Pain, Reduce Injury,
Sense - Combat Sense (Choose initiative, +2 pips version), Life Sense, Danger Sense*, Life Detection*, Receptive Telepathy
Alter - Injure/Kill, Telekinesis
Control and Sense - Lightsaber Combat
Control and Alter - Inflict Pain, Telekinetic Kill
Sense and Alter -
Control, Sense and Alter -
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 4
Not Consumed by the Dark Side (yet)
Character Points: 7
Move: 10
Equipment: Black padded flight suit (+1 to Strength to resist damage), tattered Kooroo robe, lightsaber (5D, Difficult, Red crystal), datapad with Kooroo’s teachings, Manuscripts with the Wise Man’s lessons, Lament (Freeja’s B7 freighter)

Special Note: As a non-consumed character, Freeja adds 4D (his Dark Side Points) to every Force Skill he rolls. Powers with an asterisk (*) are usually kept up when meditating in solitude.

Fallen Follower of Kooroo

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