Eredin Nova / Julian Marn

Free Trader, Negotiator, ex-Jedi


Eredin Nova’s real name is Julian Marn, a competent Jedi Knight during the end of the Republic. Having finished his apprenticeship mere months before Order 66, he was mostly given diplomatic orders which kept him from any contact with the Republic Clone Armies, a fact that spared his life when the gruesome order was given. Upon hearing news of what happened, he immediately went into hiding, never staying in one planet for long, confident that the more time he spends in Hyperspace, the less easily he will be discovered by the Empire.

Quite right in his assumption, he has survived every since by pretending to be a free trader. Working as mediator for various trading parties, he slowly created his persona as Eredin Nova and has been on the run ever since. His plan is very simple, he works closely with starship captains, using the extensive network of contacts he has created through the years to be a very profitable asset to his partner. He constantly finds work for the ship he’s working with, making sure they never spend more than a few days on the same planet and at the same time making sure he’s always one step ahead of the Imperial investigators. At the same time, he cautiously makes well-placed inquiries about any resistance to the Empire and helps any cells that he locates to exchange information and news regarding imperial activity in the sectors he’s visiting.

Becoming increasingly successful and connected, he came to form a three-man band around him. In his travels, he managed to “acquire” a Chev Humanoid slave in a Sabbac game and he immediately released him and asked him to work for him. Saude, the slave, takes great pleasure in the profits Eredin makes for them and has found a chance to practice his great fascination – electronics. Saude is a very competent computer, security and sensors expert and routinely creates forged documents and data chips as “training” in his spare time. He is also a very competent blaster fighter, capable of using two blasters with adequate skill.

Completing the team is another near-human (in fact a Nagai) who was very well-versed in melee combat and a Force Sensitive. Locating the young man in a fighting arena, he made the necessary connections and pulled some strings to free him and offered Renji to travel with him and Saude. Renji accepted and Eredin has also begun training the young swordfighter in the ways of the Force. To his surprise, Renji was exceptionally easy to train, as if he knew these things already.

After a while, his travels brought him to Ryloth, where he made a couple of successful Ryll runs. Due to events he has not disclosed, he took his team and left Ryloth all of a sudden and was roaming the galaxy, focused entirely into amassing a small fortune and establishing an even better network of contacts.

Eredin Nova / Julian Marn

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