Devron Rann


Status: DEAD

Devron tombstone



Devron Rann son of Bel and Jessa Rann, a couple of traders, was born in Talus of the Corellia system in 42 BBY. In early age was discovered by the Jedi Order and he was brought to Coruscant to receive training as a Jedi. He remain a youngling under the tutoring of Master Yoda until the age of 11(31 BBY) when he was chosen as a padawan by the Master Plo Koon.
After that he followed Master Plo Koon to many expeditions as Yinchorri Uprising. During the events before the Clone Wars he remained mostly on Coruscant since Plo Koon didn’t participate actively in these events. At the begin of Clone wars he enter the battle with his master participating in many battles until the 19 BBY. Devron was flying in his Athersprite along side his Master above Cato Nemoidian when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine activated order 66. He was shot down by the clone patrol he was leading with his Master but he miraculously survived the crush with heavy injuries. Before he can recover he was captured by servants of Draga the Hutt.
Months after the Clone Wars ended, agents of Bail Organa infiltrated the palace of Draga the Hutt in a ruined city on Cato Neimoidia. They freed Darga’s prisoners, Devron among them. After leaving Cato Neimoidia he come to contact with Bail Organa, whose life had help Plo Koon save during the Clone Wars. Organa help Devron to create a fake ID, taking the name Malark Black and to leave the Core Worlds and join Churhee’s Riflemen, on the Outer Rim region.
After five years of service(14 BBY) Malark left the Churhee’s Riflemen to start his personal seeking upon the Force. He started travelling with various Spasetransports crews working usually as a bouncer/rifle man. One of the was the crew of Cpt Fianna Par a female corellian with Malark become erotically involved and travel for a year with her crew. Sadly their ways part suddenly when she was forced to left Malark behind on <tatooine> while trying to escape from the imperials. Malark search for her for some time but with no result. He resumed travelling with various crews after that until he ended up with the crew of an extremely annoying Rodian captain named Skiv that almost drove Malark to the dark side. Malark left Skiv’s crew upon reaching the first planet possibly, which was Sten 6, before killing the annoying Rodian out of mere anger.
Upon reaching Sten 6 he discovered that the planet was blockaded by a Star Destroyer and he sensed a very powerful Dark Side user upon the Star Destroyer. Adding to his existing problems there was only one ship capable of living the planet name Solar Wind under the command of Cpt Frak Zara. Malark decide to find Cpt Zara, join his crew and leave the planet as soon as possible, feared that he was going to be detected by the Force User upon the Star Destroyer…

Devron Rann

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