Benoni Ulte

Ibhaan'l Shaman and Port Inspector of Soco-Jarel Starport


On a first visit to Soco-Jarel, smugglers are visited by the tall, charming Ibhaan’l shaman named Benoni Ulte. Dressed in custom-tailored robes and sandals, Benoni is a handsome, alluring man in his late forties. His head is completely shaven, with the exception of a long braid on the upper right side. This he wears just over his shoulder. Deeply tanned by the Socorran sun, Benoni epitomizes the indigenous people of Socorro – agile, hardy, enduring and spiritual.


Since coming out of the desert to learn more of his strange Corellian ancestors, Benoni Ulte has been a vital asset to the management of Soco-Jarel and Vakeyya. As an Ibhaan’l shaman, he is held in the highest regard by the indigenous peoples of Socorro, as well as the Smugglers and pirates who make their homes on the planet. The highest ranking “Bronwen” (or holy man) among the Ibhaan’l tribesmen, he remains an exile from his people as tradition dictates. He achieves this by living side-by-side with his more technologically advanced compatriots, the smugglers and pirates who frequent Soco-Jarel and the nearby port city of Vakeyya.

Benoni Ulte

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