Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

The Story So Far

"We need a ship, a crew and a few big guns!"

The Story So Far

Campaign Start Date: 11 BBY

Overview of the First year

During this year, the party composition is:
Captain – Frakk Zarah (Human)
Pilot – Fred Syler (Human)
First Mate – Lockon Marius (Human)
Mechanic – Dominic (Human)
Medic – Edward (Human)
Security Officer – Malark (Human)

Other Notable Temporaty Members
Renji – Security Officer, replaced by Malark when Renji and Frakk Zarah had a few disputes over methodology
Mr. Crown – Information Broker, worked with Frakk Zarah and the rest during the great Stend VI government shuffle.

The campaign starts with a young captain named Fred Syler and his mechanic, Dominic, owning a beat-up Nella 320 Light Freighter and a large Credit debt to a Crime Lord in the Minos Cluster. Trying to make a living as an independent trader / part time smuggler, Fred finds himself landing on the planet Stend VI, Fred has a misunderstanding about his debt that evolves into him losing his ship (and his debt) and entering the employ of Frakk Zarah, one of the local Crime Lord’s lieutenants and the new captain of Fred and Dominic.

Given a ship (a Corellian XS-800 they name “Solar Wind”) Zarah begins carving a name for himself among the shady underworld of galactic smuggling. Over the next year Frakk Zarah establishes himself as one of the top three captains on Stend VI and a very notable individual in his particular sector. His success climaxes when – betrayed by his Herglic Crime Lord Boss – he decides to bring together all of the various splinter groups of swoop gangs and other assorted criminal elements to complete two goals: Overthrow the planetary government and establish a new criminal underworld that relies and answers mostly to him.

He pulls off that particular stunt and for a brief while Stend VI appears to be blossoming in a promising shadow port. This future is never realized, due to the intervention of the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Revenant arriving in-system to address any resistance in the area. The Imperial intervention results in a confrontation with an individual wearing black armor and carrying a lightsaber (An Inquisitor, though at the time the players did not know they exist) who manages to seize all assets of the players but dies in combat against the two force-users of the party.

The year comes to a closing with the players and all assorted NPC allies evacuating the planet for a safe port, to recuperate and plan their next move.

Overview of the Second Year

During this year, the party composition is:
“Commander” / Jedi-in-Training – Malark (Human)
First Mate – Lockon Marius (Human)
Pilot – Fred Syler (Human)
Mechanic – Dominic (Human)
Doctor / Jedi-In-Training – Edward (Human)
Passenger / Jedi-In-Trainin – Mer Noldo (Nautolan)

The party decides to go along separate ways, after the events that took place on Stend VI – at least for a little while. Frakk Zarah and a slicer known only as “Mr. Crown” leave with a ship to remain undercover and keep a low profile for a year or two, slowly building up resources. The rest, decide to begin working with shadow groups in an effort to establish an anti-imperial organization. During this year, they locate a group of people on ORD Torrenze that covertly work to restore a downed Corellian Corvette and begin to take up jobs to better organize that attempt.

During this time, they get in touch with representatives of Bail Organa – one of the three major anti-imperial political figures – and begin to undertake missions on his behalf. At the same time, they bridge the gap between the ORD Torrenze group and Bail’s Alderaanian Resistance, thus expanding the limited funds and assets available to anti-imperial movements.

The end of the year finds the group undertaking a mission in Cloud City on behalf of Organa, trying to uncover more information on a dubious project of the Empire codenamed “SARLACC”. The mission was a success in regards to its objectives but its climax was too thunderous to ignore. Featuring the violent disruption of the Annual Sabacc Tournament as well as a space combat in the Bespin system, the group made off after having faced off with two TIE squadrons. Once again, they decide to keep a low profile and also train to cover some of their less practiced areas.


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