Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Sarlacc Debriefing

So he fired the Main Gun... and deactivated an Imperial Star Destroyer...

Adventure Log summary for S03E08, S03E09 and S03E10.

The hum of the station was dimmed inside Sergeant Aldus Baer’s office, blocked by panels of sound- and scannerproof reinforcement fitted in the walls of his cabin. He was going through the reports of several teams that had taken part in the latest operation, disseminating clues and intelligence, trying to decide the best “Next Move” and compiling his own report. His desk was littered with datapads, data slates, data chips and his computer terminal’s screen was the only source of bright light, other than the cabin’s dimmed interior lightings. Every now and then, he’d lay whatever data slate he was reading on his desk, type a few words or a paragraph in the terminal and then get back to reading additional information.

After a few tedious hours of this kind of work, Baer picked up all the assorted data devices and one by one, he transferred their contents to his terminal’s storage. Using the highest encryption available to him, he saved each report, technical readout and tactical evaluation of the operation’s outcome, following a specific naming and coding process for easy reference. Once this was done as well, he meticulously moved ever device to an incinerator and destroyed all evidence of its existence.

Returning to his terminal, he saved his work and patched in his cabin’s commlink. “This is Sergeant Aldus Baer. Initiate a private channel using resource HT version 2.0. Authorization code Uniform Victor dash Five Two Zero. Recipient, Bravo One.” Seconds later, a male voice replied from his cabin’s speakers, “Confirmed Sergeant Baer. HT resource initialized. Powering up in 20 minutes. Will you receive the transmission in your quarters?”, “Yes” Baer replied and set about pouring himself a glass of Corellian Whiskey with real ice.

He sat in silence for the next twenty minutes, sipping his whiskey and going over the contents of his report. Then, a holoprojector at the edge of his office blinked, indicating an incoming signal. Baer switched it on and the holographic image of a middle-aged man – his features distorted by some morphing program – appeared before him. He looked at the apparition and nodded, before saying “Greetings, Benefactor. Operation Star Thief was crowned a success. The followup Operation Star Render was cancelled. I am sending my full report now. Awaiting confirmation of receipt, to begin my debriefing.”

The holographic image replied “Greetings Quasar command. Confirming file in transit. Please begin”. Opted by the Benefactor’s reply, Baer begun explaining how twelve days ago, the crew of independent captain Frakk Zarah was offered a unique contract. Frakk had constructed a new, unique ship design that was based on the Barloz Medium-Class Space Transport, which facilitated a drastically larger power core, bordering on classifying the ship as a Capital scale. Due to the traits of this new ship, it was uniquely suited to try out a new prototype Ion Cannon that could, potentially, disable an entire Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

Negotiating with Zarah was hard, but in the end, Baer believes he had the upper hand in making him believe he was indispensable for the mission and relying on his Business Savvy to take the job, even while his reward would be less than acceptable. His ship was fitted with the prototype weapons, plans were laid down and further modified, utilizing the combined skills and resourcefulness of Zarah’s crew and the mission was launched.

The main fleet of the Alderaanian Resistance, further augmented with the donation of Corellian vessels and forces jumped ahead of Zarah in the Nizon system and engaged the Imperial Forces, drawing them away from the planetary operations and effectively leaving the Imperial Class Star Destroyer “Formidable” unguarded, to continue its planetary pacification operations.

Zarah’s ship, escorted by two squadrons of fighters, was tasked with disabling the Formidable, and then signalling a group of freighters to approach it at full speed, forcefully dock and unload a total of ten commando teams. The commando teams would then proceed to strategic locations – namely the bridge and engineering – where they’d release all airlocks, lower all shields and shut down all life support, effectively ejecting the majority of the ISD’s crew into open space. With the difficulties imposed by the lack of life support and gravity, the commando teams would then hold their positions until transports from Nizon reached the ISD with replacement crew and reinforcements.

The plan went far better than expected, with the prototype ion gun, dubbed “Main Gun”, performing above and beyond its expectations and the Formidable was more or less in the hands of the rebels, until a new threat jumped in the system. The prototype Super Star Destroyer “Sarlacc” itself. Upon arriving insystem, the Sarlacc suffered some sort of malfunction, as two out of four hemi-spherical sections of its hull exploded violently. Regardless of this, however, it immediately became apparent that in a large range around the Sarlacc, hyperdrives could not be engaged at all and what was a winning the battle immediately turned into a possible bloodbath for the resistance forces.

In the brief moments that followed, all craftes engaged in evasive maneuvers while Zarah’s craft attempted to fire its Main Gun on the Sarlacc, in order to buy the fleet time to sort out what’s wrong with their hyperdrives. Combined scans and readings from both Zarah’s craft and the Resistance Fleet indicated that the hyperdrives would not engage due to proximity to a large cellestial object, such as a moon. Further scans indicated that the hemi-spherical shapes on the Sarlacc’s hull were generating a hyperspace shadow equal to that of a moon’s gravity field.

Using this information, Zarah’s Main Gun concentrated in disabling the two gravity field generators with great risk to the craft’s integrity and the survival of the crew. This maneuver indeed disabled the hyperspace shadow and allowed all involved ships, the Formidable included, to jump out of the conflict zone. The fleet followed predetermined return routes, minimizing the risk of Hyperspace Tracking. The captured Star Destroyer and escorting fleet held their position in an undisclosed location in open space, while the techs were going over the Formidable, making sure no tracking device would be left active.

“It’s active, Benefactor. The Sarlacc is active far ahead of schedule than we anticipated” Baer added, interrupting his naration. “We have obtained an Imperial Class Star Destroyer, which we renamed to Liberator. At this point, we have a very formidable battle force and we are capable of making proper raids and assaults, but against the Sarlacc, we have nothing”. “I know friend,” the apparition replied, “but the Emperor cannot go public with such a weapon. The Senate would never allowed it, no matter how intimidated. So, we have some time to think how to better deal with the threat. Any furthe to add to your debriefing?”

Baer continued with a list of casualties and damage reports per craft and a list of additional equipment and assets given to Zarah and his crew for their efforts, all of which were met with the Benefactor’s approval. “What do you think about him?” asked the apparition, “Would we be able to recruit him to the cause?”

“No” Baer replied promptly. “Not only we cannot recruit men like Zarah, but when we achieve our long-term goal, men like Zarah will probably be the kind of people our Law Enforcement will have the hardest time hunting down. We should be careful with him and utilize him only in extremely high risk operations. Revealing too much of our organization would be a mistake, as well as rellying on him and his abilities. He is out for profit, nothing more. He should be utilized as an asset, but must never be considered part of the cause, because he is not.”

“But Dominic follows him, surely that implies something of his character”, the apparition added. “Dominic seems to follow him, indeed, but I would say that from what I was able to discern, it must be more a matter of honor, rather than absolute compliance. Dominic owes a lot to Zarah, according to what he’s told us but that’s about it. Nothing more” came Baer’s reply.
The hologram of a man spoke once more “Very well. I will leave you to proceed with our next phase. I trust you to handle the Captain however you see fit. We will speak further on our next scheduled transmission?”
“Yes” Baer replied. “As per our standard operation. Quasar signing off”. “Benefactor, Signing off”.

The holoprojector went dark, leaving Baer in his chair pondering on the entire conversation. After a few moments of silent consideration, he turned to his terminal and brought up a list of possible targets for their newly acquired Liberator… “Time to find a diversionary base…” he muttered to himself.


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Sarlacc Debriefing

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Sarlacc Debriefing
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