Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E07 - Your mission, if you decide to accept it

*Puppy eyes* Please Captain? eh? Can we? Can we do it?

Infinity is ready…

… to undertake her first mission. The next step was … papers. Sam Alberts got to work, preparing and supplying the usual quality ID cards for the entire crew. Having a forger on your ship is a life-saver some times. The entire crew roster will be declared as Imperial Bounty Hunters, since this is the type of ID that raises the least questions and opens the most doors in matters of approach and inspection.

Equipping the ship with the necessary supplies for a trip, several odd trinkets find their way aboard, such as 2 strategic combat simulators, several other entertainment modules and two repulsor lounge chairs, for Sam and Dominic to hover around the ship in a relaxed manner.

Once every crew member has his own finely-made ID card, it’s Infinity’s turn. This is where things get a little hard, since it takes a very uniquely special type of slicer to actually plant a ship with Infinity’s performance in the BoSS without raising any suspicion. Checking out his connections, Sam informs Zarah that his usual crew cannot pull that kind of slicing off, but they can hire some guys to do it for them. The downside is, they need fifty thousand Credits to pay them for the job. The additional downside is that too many non-crew random people will know of the ship.

To tackle this problem, Zarah turns to his crew and asks if they can somehow help. Dominic comes up with a possible solution, in contacting the Resistance and specifically Baer, to ask if they can provide the required skill and operatives for this job. With adequate compensation, of course.

The trip to Quasar Station is a very smooth maiden voyage for the Infinity, with its hyperdrive humming in the tune of a finely crafted and perfectly configured piece of hardware. In the trip’s five days in hyperspace the crew has a chance to get to know Infinity – and her Twi’lek accented computerized voice – as well as spot Dominic roaming around the cargo hold, resting on his repulsor-lounge chair.

Landing on Quasar Station, a meeting is arranged with Baer and Zarah, Dreaph and Dominic attend it. During the meeting, proper introductions between Zarah and Baer were made as well as a very subtle clash between the two men, in a struggle to establish and maintain a position of superiority for this and future dealings between them. Both men had to mind their words and manners, trying to reveal or commit to as little as possible, in an effort to secure the best deal. After a long conversation, Baer finally agreed to supply the resources required for Infinity’s legalization as a Bounty Hunter vessel, if the good Captain agrees to take part into a high-risk operation – taking down the Sarlacc Project.

Upon asking what the Sarlacc Project is, Baer mentioned only that it’s a very important and dangerous project of the Empire, details of which will be revealed only if the Captain accepts the job. To provide a sense of security, Baer mentioned that the role of the Infinity in the whole scheme will be a purely diversionary one, along with other ships of Infinity’s size. Zarah’s cunning perception traced a hint of desperation in Baer’s mannerism at this point, leading him to believe that Baer needs them – badly.

Asking for some time to discuss it with his crew and consider it, Zarah returned to Infinity and proceeded to have a crew meeting. When all opinions were heard and measured, it was decided that they will accept Baer’s request. Dominic was tasked with making a list of what can he ask from Baer – no matter how little, no matter how large – to better reward them for their service. He had an hour or two at most at his disposal…


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