Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E06 - Birth of Infinity

And let her name be... Infinity!

The Deal was made…

… and work would begin on the construction of Frakk Zarah’s ship as soon as he carried out the meeting with the people above the Freedom Reborn and attempted to secure their cooperation in providing the blueprints of that vessel to Caelli-Merced.

Hitching a ride aboard Flint’s ship, the crew has a chance to socialize with some faces from the old Stend VI resistance and see how the craft that got them to Port Haven has adapted. Additionally, Dominic and Dreaph had a chance to get to know each other a little better, finding a common trait in the professionalism that each shows at his chosen trade.

Arriving at their rendezvous point, they are greeted by the sight of a deep space facility – a space station witch docks for ships up to one or two hundred meters long and exterior berths for larger ships – that is currently repairing some of the ships that survived when the Resistance Fleet was ambushed.

Docking with the Freedom Reborn, Frakk Zarah had a chance to meet with its command staff, namely Keleman Ciro, his First Mate Kaiya Adrimetrum and his Chief Mechanic Lofryyhn. Along their conversation, Zarah had a chance to also secure support for him, his crew and his soon to be constructed vessel and Ciro gave him a piece of equipment to transmit a signat that in the years to come will become known as the “Code Quasar”. This signal would be picked up by ships and station facilities and anyone allied with the Resistance would be able to recognize each other as friendlies.

Returning to Socorro, Zarah informed Caelli-Merced of his success and the company begun construction of Zarah’s vessel immediately, with Dominic being part of the construction team in order to oversee his schematic’s completion.

In the two months that followed, the crew mostly saw to their own business. Sam continued his slow trade of identities, Dreaph had a chance to work on his card-playing skills, Jason continued his swoopchasing races and he even managed to crash in one and wounding himself lightly and Arun kept providing information to smugglers on whether they had a bounty on their heads and how much.

This particular trade, however, nearly turned into a risky and lethal outcome when a smuggler who had lost a friend to a bounty hunter recognized Arun as the snitch that sold information to the bounty hunter on his friend’s whereabouts. The smuggler walked into the Black Dust Tavern and headed with a couple of his mates towards Arun’s table. There, they exchanged a few brief words and when the smuggler secured that it was Arun who sold the information to the bounty hunter, he drew his blaster. Thankfully, at the time the rest of the crew were also there, each socializing on their own accord. As soon as they detected the three men’s intentions, the crew positined themselves around Arun’s table and as soon as the first blaster was being drawn, the situation turned out to be a stalemate, with three men aiming blasters at, and in turned having blasters aimed at them from Zarah’s six-men crew.

Zarah managed to convince the smuggler to stand down, but only after arranging a brawl between Arun and himself. In that fight, if Arun lost, he would have to pay the smuggler the 10,000 credits bounty that was placed on his friend’s death, while if Arun won, the smuggler would forget about the whole deal. Accepting the terms, the two men walked out to settle their differences with their bare fists, followed by a rushing crowd of onlookers and a calm, walking Frakk Zarah. Arun lost the brawl and the smuggler got the 10,000 Credits as was agreed from Zarah.

Aside from the entire crew, during these two months of waiting, Frakk also had a few business ventures of his own, hiring out as a mediator for high profile jobs and contracts, ensuring a higher yield in credits or beneficial terms in deals for those that hired him. One such notable contract was on behalf of Abdi-Badawzi, the Twi’lek Crime Lord of Socorro, who hired Zarah to travel aboard a vessel in Badawzi’s emply to a distant planet, where he would meet with the local crime lord of the planet and attempt to convince him to accept Badawzi as his main spice supplier, instead of the Hutts.

This plan went far better than Badawzi could possibly anticipate, with Zarah securing a very profitable deal as well as dealing with some Hutt pilots that tried to thwart the deal. At the same time, it was a brief but very impressive show of what exactly is Frakk Zarah capable of, when he delivered the final terms to Abdi-Badawzi, along with a few veiled suggestions on how to take the deal, make an even greater profit and pinpoint the failings of Badawzi’s majordomo in the process.

Finally, the two months passed and Caelli-Merced’s representatives invited the crew over to Cjaalysce’l to unveil their new vessel, perform her naming ceremony and taker her out for a maiden ride to Vakeyya’s starport.

Outwardly, they were greeted with the sight of a very well-crafted Barloz Medium Transport. As the crew boarded its ramp, however, they begun to notice how carefully each panel, each piece of equipment and each part neatly fitted with the total of the ship. Taking the tour of the ship, they ended up in the bridge, where there were plenty of stations for practically everything needed to fly her. And, beside the four crew stations, placed a little higher from the other stations so that it could overlook anything happening around the bridge, was a comfortable, slightly worn-out Corellian Corvette Captain’s Chair…

Frakk Zarah’s vessel, Dominic’s culmination of years of practice was born. And her name? … Infinity.


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S03E06 - Birth of Infinity
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