Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E05 - The Ship Deal

And all this, for the premium price of ONE. MILLION. two hundred thousand Credits!

During his one-month stay…

…in Socorro, Frakk Zarah decided he must get a ship. His mechanic, Dominic told him he needed that month to design something good enough for the Captain. During that time, the rest of the crew – and Zarah – had a chance to get involved with most other activities Socorro has to offer.

Dreaph and Jason got into Swoopchasing. Rather, Jason got into Swoopchasing while Dreaph got into making bets about races. When not on Neftali, working about the races, Dreaph also indulged his gambling tastes by playing cards in Tiranga’s Loft – Tiranga the Hutt’s gambling establishment on Socorro. This pursuit has cost Dreaph a sizable amount of Credits that he gambled hard to gather, but he finally made it up after borrowing money from Arun

Arun, on the other hand, set up shop in the Black Dust Tavern, providing information of a more delicate nature – Bounties. He made it a trade to notify smugglers on whether they had a bounty on their heads according to his records. Slowly, his particular asset spread and by the end of the month he had created a good reputation about his particular asset.

Sam kept on with his forgery trade, and managed to make a few decent credits in the mean time, without something to draw particular attention. He also compiled a full list of papers and documents that will be needed when the crew is ready to fly, if the Captain decides they should have a legal cover.

Frakk, while his crew was enjoying themselves, made a few inquiries to get to know the underworld of Socorro. He learned who controls what kind of contraband trade and after a few weeks of careful inquiries, he arranged a meeting with a representative from the Black Bha’lir and Caelli-Merced. During that meeting, he showed Caelli-Merced the designs of a souped-up medium freighter Dominic had designed – a design that was impractical for mass production due to the quality and price of the materials used, but ideal to make if you had to equip a pirate fleet. A Fleet like the Black Bha’lir.

The Caelli-Merced representative was immediately interested and a later meeting was arranged to discuss terms and offers. In that future meeting, and after several maneuvering from both sides, a deal was struck. Caelli-Merced would open up their facilities for Zarah to construct his ship. All parts would be priced at market price and all future repairs and upgrades would have premium prices, similar but a bit more expensive to those offered to the Black Bha’lir.

In return, Frakk would pay 1.2 million Credits in cash, Dominic would give the Caelli-Merced the designs for the modified Barloz-class he had prepared and finally, Frakk would agree to hire his services to Caelli-Merced for one job. To convince the people of Freedom Reborn to sell them the designs of the craft.

The entire construction phase for Frakk’s Ship – which is also a modified Barloz-class Dominic designed, with even more fine tuning than that given to Caelli-Merced – would take the better part of two months, during which Frakk would have to make the necessary arrangements to carry out his “contract” towards Caelli-Merced.


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