Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E04 - The Return of Frakk Zarah

Welcome Mr. Zarah... We've been expecting you...

While the resistance forces were being…

… Mercilessly Annihilated™, a few sectors away from there a certain Captain had decided it’s time to resurface and start doing some jobs again.

After a last job for Mr. Crown went sour – and sour in a big, bad, huge amounts of Credits lost way – Frakk Zarah and Crown parted ways once more. Frakk was left with a small amount of Credits to get him started, a stock JS-77b shuttle to get him around and a recommendation to hook up with a former colleague of Crown that can help him find a crew and get him on his feet.

His first journey brought him to Vorzyd V, also known as Gambler’s World, where he met with Dreaph- a Chiss who held a shop for weapon repairs and modifications. Teaming up with Dreaph, Frakk travelled to Xiunsrus, where they’d possibly recruit a pilot among the Bloodsniffer Swoop Gang.

In Xiunsrus, a planet of a relative peaceful existence, a strange anomaly in the underworld had cultivated in an entire sub-culture. Due to the planet’s many ravines and mountainous regions, it was full of potential places for safe business deals. In direct result, this meant that people wanting to fence something from around most of this particular Outer Rim Quadrant ended up on Xiunsrus sooner or later. Profiting from this anomaly, was a single entity – the Bloodsniffer Swoop Gang. Those among the gang capable of flying a space transport were encouraged to hone their skills to almost impossible levels so that they can fly most types of crafts to these remote locations, without using any of the ship’s instruments. This way they ensure that the Fences only speak with the Bloodsniffers to cut fencing deals, and the Bloodsniffers are the only ones capable of navigating to the locations of a deal, without a ship’s captain returning for a repeat job and not pay the Bloodsniffers their cut.

On this planet, then, Frakk and Dreaph travelled to the main Bloodsniffer hang-out stop, a Bar, Grill and Refuel station along the I-15 speeder lane, a few kilometers outside the capital. There, they met with the establishment’s security, a Meri named Arun, who directed them to speak with a young man named Jason – a member of the Bloodsniffers Swoop Gang.

After a brief demonstration of Jason’s flying capabilities, Frakk asked him to join his crew, outlining his great plan of forming a great, profitable, solid and loyal smuggling business. Jason agreed and hinted that if they need extra muscle, Arun is also looking for better employment. Following an interview with Zarah, Arun was also hired and they all left to travel to Socorro for the last part of their recruitment.

Arriving at Socorro, Frakk was greeted by a Dominic that played a small prank on the Captain, by meeting him as he landed and taking his time revealing who he is. Afterwards, a lengthy catchup between Dom and Frakk took place and Frakk’s offer hit the table. He needed a Mechanic. Dom, as a sign of how much he has matured over the years, laid out his personal requests in order to work with Zarah again, and Zarah accepted them. Among those requests was to interview Sam for a position on the crew as a very skilled Forger.

With every negotiation wrapped up, the crew gathered at a quiet back room for introductions. From this first “Crew Meeting”, the sum of 49,000 Credits was gathered to go towards a ship and some first, essential, modifications. Everyone took up a few things to take care off during the following days and Dominic suggested to Frakk to have a word with Karl Ancher at the bar.

From Karl and Zarah’s discussion, followed a meeting with two representatives of the Black Bha’lir who informed Zarah of their request to offer a cut to the Bha’lir for any jobs taken using Socorro’s source, if that job overlaps with areas that are normally Bha’lir turf. Also, he was given a gift, a Sentinel IV Heavy Blaster Pistol, handmade, engraved and decorated by Caelli-Merced in recognition of his experience. Interestingly enough, the pistol was designed to be used by a left-handed person. Who should also be missing his ring finger.

In closing, the very next day Dominic called everyone to show them their new ship, a Barloz Medium Freighter, that had yet to be modified…


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