Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E03 - Requiem I

Who died?!

The team is collecting information…

…and planting back doors in various Imperial Server Nodes that might come in handy for them during the mission. Two days of slow and meticulous slicing later, they are contacted by Seth with information about the previous Alderaanian Resistance cells that were operating in Coruscant, along with their fates (where known), last known safehouses and last mission profiles.

From the information provided by Seth, it was apparent that three safehouses were still undiscovered and they might contain any information collected by the three Resistance Cells. As Devron put it, it made sense that only one safehouse per cell was left undiscovered, as it most likely will be the safehouse where any findings will be stashed and the teams would logically give their lives to keep its location a secret.

Devron, Mer, Dominicand Edward decided that they should check the safehouses, leaving Sam and Fred to keep their own safehouse … safe.

Failure in Coruscant.

Arriving at their first target, the team landed the speeder outside the housing complex in which Team Acklay’s safehouse was located. They went inside through the front door, took the elevator and rode it all the way up to floor 160 where the safehouse was located. As the elevator doors slid open, a blaster shot greeted Devron squarely on the chest but his armor absorbed the shot.

Entering combat, the team saw one black armored individual taking cover at the door they wanted to reach. Devron and Mer started running towards him, as Edward drew his pistols and Dominic held back a little to make a very important observation: Two grenades were set up along the corridor and both Mer and Devron were about to trigger them! Losing no time to notify them, both Jedi tried to somehow evade it. Devron stopped in his tracks, a couple of meters before activating the grenades and Mer tried to jump over it but was less successful than Devron (Cybertroll rolled a “1” on the wild die). Triggering the first grenade, both jedi were immediately covered in “Glop” – a sticky, adhesive substance used for riot control – and were held immobile.

The armored enemies replied with blaster fire, taking advantage of their restricted state and a third person appeared through the door, tossed two C-22 Fragmentation grenades straight at the two Jedis’ feet. Mer used the Force (Enhanced Attribute) and managed to escape, Edward managed to shoot the grenadier and stun him momentarily and Dominic shot the other glop grenade on the wall, causing it to explode as well, holding one of the three opponents in place. When the grenades exploded, the entire glop-filled corridor was cleared, the held opponent was wounded but Devron was also sprawling lifeless on the floor, his arm, leg and most of his right side taken by the fragments.

Judging the situation, Mer continued his advance, trying to muster his concentration to activate the necessary force powers in order to use his lightsaber. Reaching the appartment’s door and having almost everything ready (apart from drawing his lightsaber) he was greeted by three armed individuals ready to fire, three more searching the room for clues and one more coordinating them all. All dressed in the same black armors. The oncoming barrage of blaster fire wounded Mer, causing him to lose concentration on the force powers he held active and dropping him prone on the floor. Edward and Dominic begun approaching towards the apartment while at the same time Dominic killed the wounded opponent in the corridor.

As Mer was getting up, the opponents’ leader shouted “Bring that alien animal down damn it!” (Mer having survived three barrages in this combat’s rounds so far) and once more, all six of the armed individuals focused their fire on Mer. This time, their shots struck true, blasting him in numerous areas around his body, including a blaster shot to the head, dropping him dead.

Following Mer’s defeat, Edward and Dominic were in place by the door. Dominic threw one of the fallen opponent’s glop grenades inside, hoping to stop them but most of the occupants managed to somehow take cover and only one was held in place. Edward drew his lightsaber and entered the room, cutting one opponent down with his first attack. The opponent team was already beginning to evacuate at this point, to a waiting craft outside the window. Unfortunately, the players didn’t manage to stop any more before they evacuate and Dominic and Edward were left in a thoroughly searched and destroyed room with one armed opponent still held in place by the glop.

Executing the man with a shot on the head, Dom looked around for any clues and then the two of them took their friends’ bodies and went back to their safehouse. The entire operation was aborted and they smuggled themselves out of Coruscant, along with Seth’s team.

Arriving at the Resurgence.

Exiting hyperspace at the last known location of the Resistance Fleet, Senth Squad and the survivors were greeted by a horrible sight.

The Resistance Fleet was engaged by an Imperial Star Destroyer and its escort of three Strike Cruisers. The Resurgence was holding back, trying to delay the approach of the Strike Cruisers until the rest of the fleet jumps out, and slowly taking damage from the Star Destroyer’s turbolaser barrage. A few ships had already been destroyed, their hulls filling the area with debris.

An incoming transmission from Baer stated “We’re in trouble. I suggest you turn tail and flee with the rest of the fleet” – at which point several alarms were heard through the Resurgence’s bridge – “On second thought, we’re being boarded and we’re out of escape pods. Any chance you’d be able to help us with an emergency evac?”

To be continued . . .


Ti egine re pedia… Pote tha pame gia byres is mnimi tou mer kai devron twra…

S03E03 - Requiem I
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