Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E02 - The Arrival in Coruscant

I sense... that we'll be blown to pieces before we can land!

With most of the plan’s details…

…in motion and a comprehensive list of equipment to be delivered to Coruscant, some via the “Pride of Aldera” and some via smuggling routes provided by Socorro contacts, our starring characters are aboard Senator Bail Prestor Organa’s diplomatic vesselt, the Tantive IV.

In the two days available for their journey, the Senator explains to them that they will be disguised to an excruciating degree (flesh camouflage, fake papers, contact lenses – even for MerMer Noldo!) and take up position in the Senatorial staff. Dominic, Fredand Devron will act as the Senator’s guards, while Mer and Edwardwill act as his aides. As Dominic and Edward sat down to learn as much as their roles as possible in order to perform them correctly, Mer devoted a few hours to update his knowledge of the Senate, in order to better facilitate his duties and suggested to Devron that all three of them (The force users) should spend the trip – and almost all of their idle time while on-planet – in Emptiness, so that they would not be picked up by any of the Emperor’s agents. At this point, Mer realized that he had made a terrible error in training his apprentice, Edward, because he had not taught him how to empty his mind yet – the Force Power of Emptiness, which among others makes it impossible to be detected through the Force. Following this sudden realization, Mer was led to seek guidance from the Force, by meditating and sensing the Path they follow (Sense Path force power) – an occurrence which resulted in a rather grim vision about their fate.

Thankfully, it was nothing but a vision and the team landed and assumed their cover. In the two-three days that followed, Sam, who had arrived previously with Senth Squad, helped to set up safehouses and equipment routes. After everything was set up, the team met at the Operation Safe House allocated to them and they begun their information gathering through Coruscant’s extensive Planetary Computer Network.

The session ended with Sam and Dominic making a list of available network assets they can slice.


… Silipitiria…

S03E02 - The Arrival in Coruscant
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