Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations

Wait -what? A Fleet?!

While the group is examining their chances…

… at travelling to Coruscant, a Bounty Hunter that has been tracking Mer Noldo from Boztrok manages to land her space transport along with 20 Klatooinian Mercenaries aboard the Resurgence.

Her plan was to pose as a smuggler, trying to locate Mer on his own and attempt to detain him to claim his bounty. While waiting, however, she identified Dominic as a wanted person, with the same bounty as Mer, but without the “Known Jedi Fugitive” tag under the wanted poster. Immediately she set out to apprehend him and managed to almost kill him, while her troops secured the hangar by taking out its technicians and rigging the security cameras. Her plot was thwarted, however, because Protector rushed to aid his Master and managed to down Zo’Tannath leaving her almost dead.

The rest of her men, seeing that the Bounty Hunter was defeated, made a run for it, launched their craft but were caught by the Resurgence’s tractor beam. Devron, who rushed to the site at the first sign of alert along with Mer, operated the turret of the ship Dom was working on and fired at the captured Mercenary Transport, taking out its Hyperdrive in one shot. Immediately after, the Mercenaries surrendered.

Following their capture, the Klatooinians did not put up any heroic acts, stating that they are in the employ of the Klatooinian Trade Guild – a cover front for the Hutt Crime Empire – and they were hired by Zo’Tannath to help her apprehending her target. Likewise, Zo’Tannath didn’t make any attempt at deception when she regained consciousness on board the Resurgence’s infirmary, stating that she caught sight of Mer through starport security footage when he travelled to Boztrok and tracked him down from there, through contacts, information brokers and other sources. Currently, Baer is considering the fate of Zo’Tannath and her associates and will most likely arrange a meeting with Trade Guild officials to negotiate a release agreement.

Following the events above, however, the Resurgence cover was blown. This forced Sergeant Baer to put in motion several contingencies possibly earlier than he had hoped for. Publicly, the craft was declared taken over by pirates and branded a hostile vessel, with most of its crew dead or captured. This, effectively meant it was no longer possible for the vessel to remain in known or civilized space so an immediate hyperspace jump took place. When the Resurgence emerged from hyperspace, Baer revealed the fruits of two years’ worth of mustering of forces – the Resistance Fleet.

After this problem was tackled, the directly interested individuals resumed planning their Coruscant Operation. The final plan was the following:

  • One team, comprised of the Jedi and their companions (The group), will be arriving on Coruscant through a very strong cover provided by Baer. They will lay low and will not draw undue attention to their person until they receive the green light to move.
  • A second team, comprised of Seth and Baer’s best specialists, will be arriving on Coruscant using the approach codes provided by Admiral Varth. Their objective will be to set up safehouses, gather information and locate contacts that the first team can use. They will not in any way involve themselves with active investigation towards the Sarlacc Project. Once their infrastructure is complete, they will signal the first team (Team A) to begin their investigation.
  • Any necessary equipment for Team A, will need to be smuggled on-planet using the Pride of Aldera’s secret compartments (4 metric tons) and Saadoon-Kauldi’s network of smugglers. Anything sent through Kauldi will have to be delivered in “dead-drop” locations, to be later secured by Seth and delivered to any safehouses that have been arranged.

With these plan in motion, everyone spent a brief week of frantic preparation towards this mission. During this week, Edward was instructed by Mer to create his own lightsaber, which he did successfully, using the crystal he found in his Osma Bag from Socorro.

Once everything was ready, the Consular-Class “Dexterity” took the group to their rendezvous point for their cover. There, they boarded Senator Organa’s personal vessel – the Tantive IV – and will be acting as his Senatorial Aides and Security as their cover.

To be continued, next week . . .


Valuable lesson learned: Always wear a helmet even if you are piloting your own ship. The bloody space port cameras can record your face while landing. And there are bounty hunters that have no life other than browsing through endless hours of holovid footage just in case they locate a “big fish”. Or a big cephalopod in this particular case…

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations

Ok to epiasa, tha paraitithw apo ti douleia!!!! Dn thelw na xasw allo sessiooooooon…..! :///

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations

Des to ap tin kalh plevra: Den exases to mission stin Coruscant. Mono to planning :P

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations

“And there are bounty hunters that have no life other than browsing through endless hours of holovid footage” – And killing you. And getting a lot of money. Enough to buy someone to watch the next batch of endless holovid footage…

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations
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