Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Interlude - Last Stand of the Resurgence

Fire all turbolaser cannons to the rebel Frigate. Concentrate fire on their engines!

The battle between the Resistance Fleet…

… and the Imperial Forces did not go well. A good portion of the fleet managed to escape, but at great cost. Most of the surviving ships were damaged and the Resurgence, serving as the fleet’s flagship was destroyed.

Before it was destroyed, a daring rescue attempt took place on board it. Senth Squad along with Dominic, Edward, Fred and Sam, teamed up with Zack in order to rescue as many of the stranded crew as possible. Senth Squad led by Seth made their way and rescued the Bridge personnel, while Zack along with a few combat-capable troops secured the medical bays and aided the rescue of civiliasn, his sister among them. The rest, made their way to the hangar where their ships were docked and secured it, while Fred ran from ship to ship preparing it for launch.

Seth brought back reports of Inquisitors (yes, plural) on board the Resurgence, that had managed to overpower and capture Eredin alive, but unconscious. They were at the starboard hangar and were getting ready to disembark in Lamda Shuttles. The common consensus was that tarrying any longer after the shuttles launched would only mean the death of them, as with no imperial personnel on board the Resurgence would receive a full barrage of heavy turbolaser fire from the Imperial Star Destroyer in the area.

With that in mind, they all boarded individual ships and launched, making their way to prearranged jumping coordinates and heading towards a neutral space station to regroup and plan their next move.

Aboard that Space Station in the middle of nowhere, Baer informed everyone that the traitor in their midst was none other than former Imperial Admiral Varth – the very person the team had travelled to Felucia to rescue from an Imperial Prison facility. With oaths of payback made and priorities chosen, the Resistance’s next step was planned.

Senth Squad and most of the group formed up the Rescue Team. These would take off immediately in an attempt to track down and attempt to rescue Eredin from the hands of the Inquisitorius.

Baer and the few remains of the fleet would lay low, performing low profile attacks to keep the fleet supplied and slowly repair and rebuild their forces.

Dominic and Sam would travel to Socorro, there to occupy themselves for as long as it takes to overcome this loss which weighed particularly heavily on Dom.

Contact ways were established, safe phrases exchanged and then everyone left on their separate ways.


Ante megeia tous neous chars!

Kai prosoxi, an ksanaferei kaneis asso se kana sense path h otidipote antistixo, sto epomeno session tha katsete monoi sas kapou se enan makrino planhth! Thn teleftea fora idate ti egine…

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