Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Downtime Session Two

So... are you guys here to kill me, or not?

Having landed on Kheedar…

…our group finds itself trying to determine the whereabouts of Reelo Banta, the contact with the information where they can buy two ships. An A-24 Sleuth for Mer Noldo and a YT-1760 for Malark. After a few run-ins with the “local flavor” (drunk planetary soldiers in a cantina) they learn of Reelo’s haunts and visit them.
Establishing contact with Reelo’s people, they arrange for a meeting to take place the next day. In the mean time, they notice they are being tailed and force their shadows to give up pursuit.

The next day, the group meets with Reelo who agrees to help them secure the ships they need, if they in turn help him get off the planet. The group arranges to board him on their JS-77b and then blast off from Kheedar towards a system Reelo knows about – Socorro.

Arriving at Socorro, the group is awed by the sheer possibility of a fully functional, fully equipped smugglers’ haven. Mer is especially interested in the spiritual aspects of the Ibhaan’l people and particularily their shamen. While Mer and Edward roam around Vakeyya – Socorro’s largest settlement – and enrich their cultural experiences, Sam and Dominic arrange for slicing and forgery jobs and Malark enjoys a quiet drink at the local tavern – Corellian Whiskey. Old Corellian Whiskey.

At the closing of the day, Dominic tries to challenge Karl Ancher at serving him a drink he hasn’t heard of before but Ancher is more travelled than Dominic so he happens to know every suggestion and also has the materials at hand to mix them. He is, however, impressed by the fact that a new face – Dominic – knows about Port Haven, branding Dominic and his companions as men who have proven their worth, since they have been shown to Port Haven. Following the conversation a bit further, Dominic shares the fact that he was Frakk Zarah’s mechanic impressing Ancher even further and ending up enjoying a round of drinks on the house.

Following this revelation, Malark tries to learn more about his parents. When asked to relay a message (“Devron is alive”), Ancher asks who is the message from to which Malark replies “Devron”. At this point Ancher reveals they are alive and were last seen on Socorro about a month ago.


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