Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Downtime Session Three

Who wants to meet us? Oh... ANOTHER Crime Lord...

The group spends several days on Socorro…

…where they get connected and acquainted – each with a different aspect of the Socorran way of life.

Mer makes any arrangements needed with Dominic for his ship to be purchased, repaired and modified and on their second day on the planet he hires a guide (A 16-year old Asylir girl named Noya) and begins a trek of the planet. During his journey, he learns about each tribe’s rites and rituals and visits most of Socorro’s most notable features. Also, by impressing an Ibhaan’l nomad family with his manners and interest to learn more about them, he learns the full story of Iann Doaba – the Jedi who first wandered the deserts of Socorro in self exile as repentance for a crime he could not bear on his conscience. Mer got enough information to piece together that almost two thousand years ago, among Socorro’s first settlers there was a Jedi. And that ever since, no other Jedi has visited the planet openly.

Dominic visited the Boliscon Towers where he met a representative of Aquato Boliscon, a dock master named Edric, with whom he made arrangements to purchase an Incom A-24 Sleuth for Mer. The ship was available for the price of 80 thousand credits, though at a somewhat beat up shape. Through negotiation and discussion, the deal was struck at 50 thousand credits, but any modifications would have to be made by Boliscon Towers, meaning that all parts would be purchased from them. For Malark’s YT-1760, Edric said he is certain he can have one, but he needs 4-5 days. Straightening out the Sleuth deal, Dominic begun working straight away.

Sam stayed mostly in the tavern, plying his trade and making new friends. Three days later, his reputation as a mostly solid forger had spread, resulting in a total profit of 30 thousand credits for low-rating ID’s on the spot and three orders of Rating 4 ID’s for 36 thousand each, to be paid upon delivery in Socorro. All this activity drew the attention of Abdi-Badawzi who sent one of his “representatives” – named Bron – to invite Sam and any of his colleagues for lunch at his luxurious desert Palace. The ones to attend were Malark and Sam only, who generally were treated to a luxurious lunch and entertainment in Abdi-Badawzi’s palace and offered a chance to work for the Twi’lek Crime Lord should they wish so. Courteously, the two considered the offer and thanked the Crime Lord for his hospitality and left, heading back to Vakeyya.

Edward spent most of his time socializing with Socorran patrons and managed to make several acquaintances for captains, pilots, hired muscle and smugglers with a specialization on the transport of medicinal substances – from simple medicines to spice – and even courteously turned down a multi-thousand offer to work as a “Chemist” for a few days in a spice refinery.

Fred – with the frequent run-arounds of the rest – spent quite a lot of time on the ship and in the free time he had he socialized and made contact with other pilots and captains, a feat made easier by the group’s reputation as the former crew of Frakk Zarah.

Finally, Malark spent a few days in what it could only be described as his first vacation days after more than a decade. For the first two or three days, he mostly exchanged smuggler stories with other captains – primarily Corellians and specifically Corellian women. At all times, he was available and present in any major meeting that involved the hand-changing of Credits.

5 days later, the Ibhaan’l shamen of the Uhl’Doaba’l shrine had prepared the Osma Bags for Dominic, Edward and Mer. Each bag was filled with items tailored for each individuals, holding pieces from their past or omens for the future. For Mer, the bag contained a small vial of black sand from the desert of Socorro, assorted tribal charms, a small wooden case with three seeds of rare and believed extinct plants and a small piece of art – a square ceramic tile no more than one palm per side depicting Coruscant. In the drawing, the Jedi Temple’s four spires can be discerned.

Dominic’s Osma Bag contained a vial of sand and assorted tribal charms as well, a small antique-toolcase with basic engine tools and a small, palm-sized, broken part of armor made by some rare metal. Further examining the piece with the equipment available in the Boliscon Towers its chemical substance was identified as Mandalorian Iron.

Edward’s Osma Bag was by far the most unique. Besides the sand and tribal charms that the other bags contained, it included a set of medicinal implements – a scalpel, scissors, pincers etc – and a black velvet pouch. The pouch, when opened, contained a deep green Adegan Crystal. Gazing at it with a measure of wonder, Mer and Malark reached the conclusion that since no other Jedi had visited the planet (at least, openly), this must be the crystal from Iann Doaba’s lightsaber.

One final encounter 5 days before the group was ready to depart back to the Resurgence, was a group invitation by a Mr. Saadoon-Kauldi. The group discussed the issue with Karl Ancher – the bartender of the Black Dust Tavern and one of the most influentian Socorrans – who warned the group that invitations from Mr. Saadoon-Kauldi should never be taken lightly. Finally, the party decided to accept the invitation and set off to dock with his ship, the Merkel. Approaching the Merkel, the group identified it as a modified Action V bulk freighter and when they landed on the ship’s hangar (the first apparent major modification) they were witness to a bulk freighter outfitted as living quarters for a large number of people.

Led to the audience room, they met with Saadoon-Kauldi – an immense Kadri’Ra with a length around 35 meters – and had a chance to briefly converse. Saadoon-Kauldi was impressed by the group because Dominic knew his language, an event that tipped the scales to the group’s favor. Without many delays, Saadoon-Kauldi made the group feel as comfortable as possible when confronted with a being of his magnitude and after providing for his guests made his point perfectly clear: He knew Devron Rann (Malark) as a Jedi and wanted to let him and his crew know that should they ever need help from his vast organization and network of contacts against the Empire, he is at their disposal. All he asks in return is to be able to call upon them if he happens to need their specialized abilities – always taking care not to send them in any kind of operation that might offend their Beliefs.

Following their conversation, Saadoon-Kauldi offered his hospitality to anyone wishing to remain on the Merkel, an offer that only Mer accepted and spent the next 5 days with the Kadri’Ra, discussing about topics as much as 700 years old.

Regrouping back on Socorro, the group is ready to take off with their three ships and head to the Resurgence.


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