Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Downtime Session Six

"I almost feel like a Commander!" ~ Devron

In the four months following Freedom Reborn’s take off…

… everyone took some time to work on their own personal schedules with some contact among them.

Mer Noldo

Mer took a trip to the planets Boztrok, Sufezz,Branteez and Vaynai investigating the other reported ruins that have something to do with the Fellowship of Kooroo. At those sites, he discovered nothing at all, so he went to Qalydon, and specifically Port Fyrin – the planetary capital – where the headquarters of the Religion were located.

There, he infiltrated the High Temple of Kooroo posing as a member of the Fellowship and using borrowed robes, a lot of “Jedi Mind Tricks” and “borrowed” swipe cards to wander around the temple undetected. Making his way to the inner sanctum, he found himself outside the chambers of the three Great Teachers of Kooroo – the actual leaders of the entire umbrella project. Again resorting to using the Force, he managed to convince one of the Great Teachers to leave him alone in his quarters and go about his business, leaving his swipe card behind. Using that, Mer opened a door from the Great Teacher’s chamber and found himself in a sort of altar room, with a hollow statue of a robed figure sitting in meditation dominating the center of the room.

All around the room, the various wall carvings were plastered and covered and Mer used his Lightsaber to intricately trace the original wall carvings to see what lay under the plaster. Once again resorting to the Force to guide his extremely minute handling so as not to destroy the original carvings, he failed to notice that one of the other doors leading to the altar room opened and was confronted with three security guards, watched by two of the Great Teachers behind them – all five of them quite surprised by the sight of a lightsaber-wielding Nautolan, wearing the robes of Kooroo.

In the brief confrontation that followed, Mer destroyed two of the three blaster pistols held by the Security guards, the third exploded in the face of its wielder and the Great Teachers ran away at the beginning of combat, only to be followed by the guards seconds later. Immediately the Temple went into lockdown with the security personnel guiding the attending followers to the Temple Gardens for a head count, while authorities were en route to the location. Once again, with the Force as his Ally (And a powerful Ally it was!), Mer made his way out of the Temple, to his speeder and then to his ship where he used his Imperial Bounty Hunter fake ID to leave the planet without a hassle and returned to the Resurgence. This whole trip, including the fruitless visits to the first temples, took him the better part of three months.


In these three months, Dominic reprogrammed the IG-100 MagnaGuard that he had “liberated” when they faced Darga the Hutt, so that the Droid would recognize him as his Master. Designating the Droid as Protector, it begun tailing Dominic around and acting as his bodyguard. Due to a glitch in the programming (and due to my love for HK-47) the droid has the tendency to sometimes vocally prefix every statement he makes with a speech conditional that describes the type of statement that it was. For example “Query: Master, is this individual before you a hostile, neutral or an ally?”

Beyond the reactivation of the Protector, Dominic spent time into maintaining a basic presence in the information brokering scene and collecting information on Mandalorian traits and history hoping to discover more about his heritage. Other than that, he was mainly preoccupied with the proceedings of his training, doing some minor side-jobs whenever he had time and also visiting Edward on Alderaan for a 3-day long vacation.


In the three months Edward had the least eventful activity, as he focused on his studies on Alderaan. Maintaining a social, but not emotional contact with those around him, he devoted his time and effort to most effectively absorb the topics of his choice. Through his cover as a psychology student in the University of Aldera, he also provided a venue for relaxation for Fred and Dominic as they stayed over for a few days and they all attended some generic “University Festivities” such as parties and the nightlife – much needed for both, considering the events of the last year. Beyond that, he took no other active participation in any further projects, eager to complete his training as soon as possible.

Devron and Fred

Devron and Fred took up the task to organize the various crews they work with to new profits. Fred laid out business plans for the Pride of Aldera and smuggling routes for the Blessed Confession. In the three months that transpired, the Pride had a minor setback resulting in some losses of their original capital during the first month which were recovered in the next two trading trips, while the Confession made a profit.

Additionally, Devron visited his old outfit, the Churhee’s Riflemen, sparked both by Baer’s request and by intel that they had been double-crossed by the Empire on a recent operation and made the necessary negotiations to hire their services. The Riflemen’s business leader, Maydla Churhee, informed Devron that a legal outfit could not possibly be tied to any rebellion and hope to survive for long, but should a “shadow outfit” of unknown origin and with previously unregistered gear were to emerge, she would have a few guesses on how they came to be in existence – effectively outlining what she needs in terms of funds and equipment in order to commit her men to the Cause. Following up on these, Devron had his crew to arrange for a few gun-running trips in order to prepare an equipment stash for the “shadow group” aboard the Resurgence, an effort that took his crew two months using the Starshade. This, effectively secured the service of one Company (150 men) from Churhee’s Riflemen, fielding the Blas-Tech A280 obtained through Devron’s efforts, instead of their signature rifle.

Parallel to these, Flint’s team was sent by Devron to make a strike against Yerkis NeDago’s gun running operations in the Minos Cluster, which failed and caused 40% losses on his team (4 men, and 48,000 Credits of damage on his ship).

The Others

Near the end of the third month, Ylenic It’Kla returned to the Resurgence, along with Zack Arran, Julian Marn and Renji. They informed the group that they visited the ruins of a Jedi Academy on Almas where they tried to locate and recover a Jedi Holocron. They were successful in their task, but they also came to face Inquisitor Draco and some of his forces (Echoes of the Jedi was carried out in the background). Draco was defeated, but not confirmed as dead, and the four of them escaped with a heavily wounded Julian to return with the Holocron.

“I’m not convinced He’s dead” said Lock, eyeing the rear view monitor as their ship was leaving the planet behind.
“I’m not convinced, either, but he is defeated. Now we should leave, while the Assiduous still has not responded”. The calm voice of It’Kla did little to put the younger jedi at ease.
“Well, I suppose I’ll just carry a thermal detonator around for the next inquisitor that we are ‘not convinced’ about!” retorted Lock, kicking his worries aside and resting his head back against his chair as their ship now jumped to hyperspace.

After catching up with latest events, It’Kla states that he will take Renji and Zack with him and travel to Gelgelar, where he will try to unlock the Holocron’s secrets under the masking effects of the Temple of Kooroo. Julian would stay behind to start training with Mer and Devron. A few weeks later, Zack returned to the Resurgence to notify the others that It’Kla has managed to receive a vision from the force, of a planet known as Nizon and that it is the homeplanet of the Nazren race. This is the race of the slaves that the group helped escape destruction in the climax of the Cloud City incidents (Queen of Air and Darkness).

After discussion with Baer, it was decided to send the Freedom Reborn, along with the 150 riflemen and Flint’s team to act as scouts to Nizon. Devron accompanied them in what was codenamed as Operation FIRST STRIKE.

With the success of Operation FIRST STRIKE, Saadoon-Kauldi’s contact came into play to transport as many Nazren as possible in order to avoid imperial retaliation. Additionally, from the equipment retrieved from Nizon’s imperial outpost, it has been confirmed that the source of all the information pertaining the Sarlacc Project is in no other place than the Galactic Capital itself – Coruscant.

With this information, the fledgling Alderaanian resistance is now left to decide whether to mount an operation on Coruscant, or not…



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