Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Downtime Session Four

It can fly! It can fly! It can also jump!

During our fourth downtime session, our group of heroes decided to pool in their newfound contacts and finish a few loose ends.

Devron Rann (Malark) along with Dominic had a discussion with Sgt. Baer aboard the Resurgence, giving a complete report of what can be found on Socorro, its Society, its community and generally all the potential that can be had by making sure the fledgling Alderaanian Resistance is on good terms with them.

Additionally, they examined the possibility of using Boliscon Towers and the Caelli-Merced technicians to outfit the downed Freedom’s Messenger with any remaining parts and take off from ORD Torrenze. Securing funds from Alderaan, Dom and Devron travelled back to ORD Torrenze to close the deal. There, they met with people from Boliscon Towers where they explained their project. When Dominic showed the schematics of the Freedom’s Messenger to the people at Boliscon, they agreed to forward the schematics to Caelli-Merced and ask if they would be interested to work on such a unique project. The next day, a representative from Caelli-Merced Company showed up and made his offer: They will give the group a hyperdrive and all the necessary parts for a life support system to work so that the corvette can take off. In return the Corvette will have to reach Socorro and land in Cjaalysce’l Starport, where the Caelli-Merced facilities are located. There, the rest of the Corvette will be outfitted by Caelli-Merced technicians, allowing only Dominic and whoever is going to be the ship’s Chief Engineer to help them, so they’ll have a complete knowledge of how the vessel will operate. For the whole package, Caelli-Merced asks for the modest sum of one million credits, to be delivered with the Corvette upon arrival.

Upon securing this deal, Devron arranges with Saadoon-Kauldi to deliver the hyperdrive and life support to ORD Torrenze using his network. He and Sam will stay behind and accompany the parts, while the rest will head to ORD Torrenze to notify Ciro and prepare for the craft’s take off. On the way, they pick up Mer, who was training his piloting skills on the Resurgence, and relay a message to Edward, who was following some seminars on Alderaan, to meet them on ORD Torrenze. With everyone gathered, they brief Ciro’s men and begin preparations for take off.

Saadoon-Kauldi offers an Action V Bulk Freighter through his network of contacts that will deliver several tons of cargo to another planet near ORD Torrenze, but will also take a detour, enter ORD Torrenze’s atmosphere, jettison two drop pods with the Hyperdrive and Life Support systems for the others to collect and then leave the planet to continue its journey. Devron and Sam would have to ride inside the drop pods, strapped in makeshift reentry seats since they didn’t want to follow with Devron’s ship. Sam fell unconscious during the drop, while Devron was lightly wounded.

Everything went more or less according to plan and the necessary parts were fitted on the Freedom’s Messenger. Flint with the Nella the crew had comandeered at the end of Season One – renamed “Raptor” by Flint – provided escort and cover, while Fred, with the JS-77b “Dominator IV” provided the calculations for the jump that would take them directly to Socorro, though it would take them 60 days with the Freedom’s Messenger’s x2 Hyperdrive.

When everything was ready, Flint’s “Raptor” landed in the Freedom’s Messenger and they made the jump to Hyperspace. After they had left, Fred casually flew to the edge of the system and made their own jump to the Resurgence where he dropped Mer off and left to notify the people in Socorro about the progress of the entire plan.

A month later, Mer had completed his training for this chosen ship and left for Socorro to speak with Saadoon regarding any information he had uncovered through his associates for anything related to the Force. Saadoon explained how he set about learning about what happened in the immediate past of the rest of the Group and indicated to Mer that perhaps a series of ruins on the planet Gelgelar might prove interesting. Mer thought about it and decided to investigate – alone – while the rest of the group is still in Hyperspace travelling to Socorro and Fred takes care of other matters.

Parallel to the above, Mer had the chance to examine the crystal that was given to Edward, through his osma bag. By meditating upon it, it was identified as an ancient crystal, from the planet Ruusan and not from Ilum. This meant that the crystal was first used in a lightsaber some time over a thousand years ago, since Ruusan stopped being the primary source of lightsaber crystals around that time, due to a great catastrophe that took place on the surface of the planet during a war between the Sith and the Jedi. This more than anything made it certain to Mer that the crystal possessed by his apprentice is none other than the very crystal used in Iann Doaba’s lightsaber when he set foot on Socorro, over two thousand years ago.


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