Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

Downtime Overview

Our Assets.

Over the last few months…

… our heroes have stayed aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate “Resurgence”, where they recuperate and regroup, after the latest events. The Resurgence is a Nebulon-B Frigate obtained through the funds of Alderaan’s Humanitarian funds, labeled a medical frigate on an indefinite mission to provide relief and medical supplies to the Outer Rim territories. Due to the nature of this mission, the Resurgence – while a medical frigate – is allowed have a complement of two fighter squadrons on-board, along with the necessary pilots to fly them. Using this legal loophole and a deal on surplus Clone Wars vehicles, the Resurgence is now protected by two squadrons of Delta-7 Aethersprites.

On this Frigate, new technologies aimed to aid in the fight against the Empire are researched and developed. Using the draft engineering schematics that were created by Dominic and Saude two years ago, a functional Hyper-Transceiver prototype was built, allowing for communication between the Resurgence and Alderaan with just a minute’s delay between messages.

Additionally, the Resurgence serves as a mobile HQ for the Alderaanian Resistance, carrying specialists for all sorts of operations, covert or otherwise. Using these specialists, our heroes have decided to follow some rigorous and extensive training programs, that will enable them to perform a multitude of roles adequately. This training is expected to last up to two years.

As the training programs were initiated, the group begun spreading out to wherever their trainers took them, in order to learn essential skills. In the first six months, feats that would otherwise be thought impossible were achieved, such as Mer learning how to fly and eventually asking Dominic for advice, because he wanted a ship for himself and his travelling needs.

This particular need, shared by Malark as well, sparked the group into a contact gathering session that bore fruit in the name of Reelo Banta, an information broker on the planet Kheedar whose specialty is illegal ship sale spots and repair/modification facilities. As of Downtime Session #1, the group went on to find Reelo. Giving some thought to the matter, they opted to recruit an additional crew member – Sam, a forger resident on the Resurgence, who supplied everyone with high quality forged ID’s and papers for their current ship, a heavily modified JS 77b shuttle.

Armed with their new ID’s they made their way to Kheedar – a planet recently bombed by the Imperials as a response to its local ruler’s defiance of Imperial Rule. Using their cover ID’s they bypassed the planetary blockade, posing as Imperial Bounty Hunters and landed on the planet’s surface.

To be continued, in Downtime Session Two

Appendix – Resurgence Personnel (Total: 854, Officers: 154 Crew: 700 )

Notable Officers
Captain: Adrian Verana
First Officer: Dennin Otter
Security Officer: Myron Pierce
Medical Officer: Dr. Edlegar Formes
Tactical Advisor: Gilder Varth (Former Imperial Admiral)
Tactical 2nd Officer: Hal Enders
Quartermaster: Jirel Boson
Flight Commander: Sandria Roventis
Chief Mechanic: Harker Collins
Chief Astrogator: Mansel Ford
Helm: Remys Bolton

Specialist Positions

Head of Intelligence: Specialist Kerin Vodle
Head of Operations: Sergeant Larfin Baer
Head of Acquisitions: Specialist Ahgwer Glerman
Head of Relations: Advisor Ylenic It’kla


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