Star Wars - Episode III.V - Rebellion Ascendant

S03E11 - A Lesson in Humility, phase one.
One day, the Black Bha'lir won't be around anymore...

Following the events that transpired in the Nizon System…

…the Infinity and its crew jumped out and evaded annihilation from the Sarlacc’s massive weapons. Thanks to a misjump, the Infinity came out in close proximity of the planet Rhen Var, a planet rich in Force-related archeology. Due to the planet’s rich Force-related relics, a Victory Class Star Destroyer along with an Inquisitor and his retinue are always in orbit, while the Inquisitor conducts his research and exploration below.

Evading (and, well, disabling!) this Star Destroyer as well, Zarah arrived in Quasar Station where he debriefed Baer and received his rewards. Among them, it was a case with six Identities. One of them, with Zarah’s picture, named him as a Special Enforcement Officer, while the other five identified each of his crew as Sector Rangers under his command. This, effectively gave him a free pass to land on any imperial planet without fear of inspections or questions regarding their equipment.

Returning to Socorro after this, he spread the word that he is looking for a job. Soon enough, the Black Bha’lir took interest in that and decided to test the rather famous Captain. Sending one of their most influential Princes, Zarah was presented with the parameters of a mission involving his crew travelling to Ryloth, landing in Kala’unn – a Twi’lek city – and working from the inside to overthrow the team of Hutt Agents that are currently holding the city. In accordance with Socorro’s traditions, Zarah was offered a generous – but otherwise small – amount for the job, which he took for an insult. As a reply, he counter-offered with an equally insulting high amount for the job which had the effect of angering the Black Bha’lir prince with his apparent insolence – a fact that the Prince did not show in any obvious way, other than walking out on the meeting.

As a result, starting a couple of days later, Zarah’s crew begun feeling somewhat undesirable on the planet, each having his personal ways of making profit cut off. Jason’s swoop was impounded on allegations of illegal modifications and it is pending an inspection (indefinitely). Dreaph was subtly advised to stop playing cards in Tiranga the Hutt’s establishment. Sam’s forgery business ran dry and Arun started getting a lot of angry glares wherever he went. The only person not obviously affected by this, was Dominic who spent all of his time inspecting the Infinity after her maiden voyage and first combat mission.

Feeling the collective negativity around him, Zarah decided to neither back down and conform to the Bha’lir’s ways, but nor remain a stubborn freelancer. He formulated a business proposition for the Black Bha’lir, to close a deal for the transporation of arms to a buyer of their choice. Using almost every opportunity at their disposal to provoke Zarah in every meeting, the Black Bha’lir practically allowed Zarah to run his business proposition, for which all prices were determined beforehand and his only leeway for bargaining was with Caelli-Merced for the procurement of the arms.

Completing the rather boring delivery of blaster carbines, Zarah returned to Socorro and immediatelly arranged a meeting with the Bha’lir to give them their cut. During the meeting, he came through, explaining his position and mentality to them with absolute honesty. With equal honesty, the Bha’lir made it perfectly clear to him that their primary concern is not profit – they have that in abundance – but respect. And to teach respect, Zarah would unfortunately have to endure through the lesson’s entire duration.

Generally, these days, Frakk Zarah is quite irritated by the way he is being treated…

Sarlacc Debriefing
So he fired the Main Gun... and deactivated an Imperial Star Destroyer...

Adventure Log summary for S03E08, S03E09 and S03E10.

The hum of the station was dimmed inside Sergeant Aldus Baer’s office, blocked by panels of sound- and scannerproof reinforcement fitted in the walls of his cabin. He was going through the reports of several teams that had taken part in the latest operation, disseminating clues and intelligence, trying to decide the best “Next Move” and compiling his own report. His desk was littered with datapads, data slates, data chips and his computer terminal’s screen was the only source of bright light, other than the cabin’s dimmed interior lightings. Every now and then, he’d lay whatever data slate he was reading on his desk, type a few words or a paragraph in the terminal and then get back to reading additional information.

After a few tedious hours of this kind of work, Baer picked up all the assorted data devices and one by one, he transferred their contents to his terminal’s storage. Using the highest encryption available to him, he saved each report, technical readout and tactical evaluation of the operation’s outcome, following a specific naming and coding process for easy reference. Once this was done as well, he meticulously moved ever device to an incinerator and destroyed all evidence of its existence.

Returning to his terminal, he saved his work and patched in his cabin’s commlink. “This is Sergeant Aldus Baer. Initiate a private channel using resource HT version 2.0. Authorization code Uniform Victor dash Five Two Zero. Recipient, Bravo One.” Seconds later, a male voice replied from his cabin’s speakers, “Confirmed Sergeant Baer. HT resource initialized. Powering up in 20 minutes. Will you receive the transmission in your quarters?”, “Yes” Baer replied and set about pouring himself a glass of Corellian Whiskey with real ice.

He sat in silence for the next twenty minutes, sipping his whiskey and going over the contents of his report. Then, a holoprojector at the edge of his office blinked, indicating an incoming signal. Baer switched it on and the holographic image of a middle-aged man – his features distorted by some morphing program – appeared before him. He looked at the apparition and nodded, before saying “Greetings, Benefactor. Operation Star Thief was crowned a success. The followup Operation Star Render was cancelled. I am sending my full report now. Awaiting confirmation of receipt, to begin my debriefing.”

The holographic image replied “Greetings Quasar command. Confirming file in transit. Please begin”. Opted by the Benefactor’s reply, Baer begun explaining how twelve days ago, the crew of independent captain Frakk Zarah was offered a unique contract. Frakk had constructed a new, unique ship design that was based on the Barloz Medium-Class Space Transport, which facilitated a drastically larger power core, bordering on classifying the ship as a Capital scale. Due to the traits of this new ship, it was uniquely suited to try out a new prototype Ion Cannon that could, potentially, disable an entire Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

Negotiating with Zarah was hard, but in the end, Baer believes he had the upper hand in making him believe he was indispensable for the mission and relying on his Business Savvy to take the job, even while his reward would be less than acceptable. His ship was fitted with the prototype weapons, plans were laid down and further modified, utilizing the combined skills and resourcefulness of Zarah’s crew and the mission was launched.

The main fleet of the Alderaanian Resistance, further augmented with the donation of Corellian vessels and forces jumped ahead of Zarah in the Nizon system and engaged the Imperial Forces, drawing them away from the planetary operations and effectively leaving the Imperial Class Star Destroyer “Formidable” unguarded, to continue its planetary pacification operations.

Zarah’s ship, escorted by two squadrons of fighters, was tasked with disabling the Formidable, and then signalling a group of freighters to approach it at full speed, forcefully dock and unload a total of ten commando teams. The commando teams would then proceed to strategic locations – namely the bridge and engineering – where they’d release all airlocks, lower all shields and shut down all life support, effectively ejecting the majority of the ISD’s crew into open space. With the difficulties imposed by the lack of life support and gravity, the commando teams would then hold their positions until transports from Nizon reached the ISD with replacement crew and reinforcements.

The plan went far better than expected, with the prototype ion gun, dubbed “Main Gun”, performing above and beyond its expectations and the Formidable was more or less in the hands of the rebels, until a new threat jumped in the system. The prototype Super Star Destroyer “Sarlacc” itself. Upon arriving insystem, the Sarlacc suffered some sort of malfunction, as two out of four hemi-spherical sections of its hull exploded violently. Regardless of this, however, it immediately became apparent that in a large range around the Sarlacc, hyperdrives could not be engaged at all and what was a winning the battle immediately turned into a possible bloodbath for the resistance forces.

In the brief moments that followed, all craftes engaged in evasive maneuvers while Zarah’s craft attempted to fire its Main Gun on the Sarlacc, in order to buy the fleet time to sort out what’s wrong with their hyperdrives. Combined scans and readings from both Zarah’s craft and the Resistance Fleet indicated that the hyperdrives would not engage due to proximity to a large cellestial object, such as a moon. Further scans indicated that the hemi-spherical shapes on the Sarlacc’s hull were generating a hyperspace shadow equal to that of a moon’s gravity field.

Using this information, Zarah’s Main Gun concentrated in disabling the two gravity field generators with great risk to the craft’s integrity and the survival of the crew. This maneuver indeed disabled the hyperspace shadow and allowed all involved ships, the Formidable included, to jump out of the conflict zone. The fleet followed predetermined return routes, minimizing the risk of Hyperspace Tracking. The captured Star Destroyer and escorting fleet held their position in an undisclosed location in open space, while the techs were going over the Formidable, making sure no tracking device would be left active.

“It’s active, Benefactor. The Sarlacc is active far ahead of schedule than we anticipated” Baer added, interrupting his naration. “We have obtained an Imperial Class Star Destroyer, which we renamed to Liberator. At this point, we have a very formidable battle force and we are capable of making proper raids and assaults, but against the Sarlacc, we have nothing”. “I know friend,” the apparition replied, “but the Emperor cannot go public with such a weapon. The Senate would never allowed it, no matter how intimidated. So, we have some time to think how to better deal with the threat. Any furthe to add to your debriefing?”

Baer continued with a list of casualties and damage reports per craft and a list of additional equipment and assets given to Zarah and his crew for their efforts, all of which were met with the Benefactor’s approval. “What do you think about him?” asked the apparition, “Would we be able to recruit him to the cause?”

“No” Baer replied promptly. “Not only we cannot recruit men like Zarah, but when we achieve our long-term goal, men like Zarah will probably be the kind of people our Law Enforcement will have the hardest time hunting down. We should be careful with him and utilize him only in extremely high risk operations. Revealing too much of our organization would be a mistake, as well as rellying on him and his abilities. He is out for profit, nothing more. He should be utilized as an asset, but must never be considered part of the cause, because he is not.”

“But Dominic follows him, surely that implies something of his character”, the apparition added. “Dominic seems to follow him, indeed, but I would say that from what I was able to discern, it must be more a matter of honor, rather than absolute compliance. Dominic owes a lot to Zarah, according to what he’s told us but that’s about it. Nothing more” came Baer’s reply.
The hologram of a man spoke once more “Very well. I will leave you to proceed with our next phase. I trust you to handle the Captain however you see fit. We will speak further on our next scheduled transmission?”
“Yes” Baer replied. “As per our standard operation. Quasar signing off”. “Benefactor, Signing off”.

The holoprojector went dark, leaving Baer in his chair pondering on the entire conversation. After a few moments of silent consideration, he turned to his terminal and brought up a list of possible targets for their newly acquired Liberator… “Time to find a diversionary base…” he muttered to himself.

S03E07 - Your mission, if you decide to accept it
*Puppy eyes* Please Captain? eh? Can we? Can we do it?

Infinity is ready…

… to undertake her first mission. The next step was … papers. Sam Alberts got to work, preparing and supplying the usual quality ID cards for the entire crew. Having a forger on your ship is a life-saver some times. The entire crew roster will be declared as Imperial Bounty Hunters, since this is the type of ID that raises the least questions and opens the most doors in matters of approach and inspection.

Equipping the ship with the necessary supplies for a trip, several odd trinkets find their way aboard, such as 2 strategic combat simulators, several other entertainment modules and two repulsor lounge chairs, for Sam and Dominic to hover around the ship in a relaxed manner.

Once every crew member has his own finely-made ID card, it’s Infinity’s turn. This is where things get a little hard, since it takes a very uniquely special type of slicer to actually plant a ship with Infinity’s performance in the BoSS without raising any suspicion. Checking out his connections, Sam informs Zarah that his usual crew cannot pull that kind of slicing off, but they can hire some guys to do it for them. The downside is, they need fifty thousand Credits to pay them for the job. The additional downside is that too many non-crew random people will know of the ship.

To tackle this problem, Zarah turns to his crew and asks if they can somehow help. Dominic comes up with a possible solution, in contacting the Resistance and specifically Baer, to ask if they can provide the required skill and operatives for this job. With adequate compensation, of course.

The trip to Quasar Station is a very smooth maiden voyage for the Infinity, with its hyperdrive humming in the tune of a finely crafted and perfectly configured piece of hardware. In the trip’s five days in hyperspace the crew has a chance to get to know Infinity – and her Twi’lek accented computerized voice – as well as spot Dominic roaming around the cargo hold, resting on his repulsor-lounge chair.

Landing on Quasar Station, a meeting is arranged with Baer and Zarah, Dreaph and Dominic attend it. During the meeting, proper introductions between Zarah and Baer were made as well as a very subtle clash between the two men, in a struggle to establish and maintain a position of superiority for this and future dealings between them. Both men had to mind their words and manners, trying to reveal or commit to as little as possible, in an effort to secure the best deal. After a long conversation, Baer finally agreed to supply the resources required for Infinity’s legalization as a Bounty Hunter vessel, if the good Captain agrees to take part into a high-risk operation – taking down the Sarlacc Project.

Upon asking what the Sarlacc Project is, Baer mentioned only that it’s a very important and dangerous project of the Empire, details of which will be revealed only if the Captain accepts the job. To provide a sense of security, Baer mentioned that the role of the Infinity in the whole scheme will be a purely diversionary one, along with other ships of Infinity’s size. Zarah’s cunning perception traced a hint of desperation in Baer’s mannerism at this point, leading him to believe that Baer needs them – badly.

Asking for some time to discuss it with his crew and consider it, Zarah returned to Infinity and proceeded to have a crew meeting. When all opinions were heard and measured, it was decided that they will accept Baer’s request. Dominic was tasked with making a list of what can he ask from Baer – no matter how little, no matter how large – to better reward them for their service. He had an hour or two at most at his disposal…

S03E06 - Birth of Infinity
And let her name be... Infinity!

The Deal was made…

… and work would begin on the construction of Frakk Zarah’s ship as soon as he carried out the meeting with the people above the Freedom Reborn and attempted to secure their cooperation in providing the blueprints of that vessel to Caelli-Merced.

Hitching a ride aboard Flint’s ship, the crew has a chance to socialize with some faces from the old Stend VI resistance and see how the craft that got them to Port Haven has adapted. Additionally, Dominic and Dreaph had a chance to get to know each other a little better, finding a common trait in the professionalism that each shows at his chosen trade.

Arriving at their rendezvous point, they are greeted by the sight of a deep space facility – a space station witch docks for ships up to one or two hundred meters long and exterior berths for larger ships – that is currently repairing some of the ships that survived when the Resistance Fleet was ambushed.

Docking with the Freedom Reborn, Frakk Zarah had a chance to meet with its command staff, namely Keleman Ciro, his First Mate Kaiya Adrimetrum and his Chief Mechanic Lofryyhn. Along their conversation, Zarah had a chance to also secure support for him, his crew and his soon to be constructed vessel and Ciro gave him a piece of equipment to transmit a signat that in the years to come will become known as the “Code Quasar”. This signal would be picked up by ships and station facilities and anyone allied with the Resistance would be able to recognize each other as friendlies.

Returning to Socorro, Zarah informed Caelli-Merced of his success and the company begun construction of Zarah’s vessel immediately, with Dominic being part of the construction team in order to oversee his schematic’s completion.

In the two months that followed, the crew mostly saw to their own business. Sam continued his slow trade of identities, Dreaph had a chance to work on his card-playing skills, Jason continued his swoopchasing races and he even managed to crash in one and wounding himself lightly and Arun kept providing information to smugglers on whether they had a bounty on their heads and how much.

This particular trade, however, nearly turned into a risky and lethal outcome when a smuggler who had lost a friend to a bounty hunter recognized Arun as the snitch that sold information to the bounty hunter on his friend’s whereabouts. The smuggler walked into the Black Dust Tavern and headed with a couple of his mates towards Arun’s table. There, they exchanged a few brief words and when the smuggler secured that it was Arun who sold the information to the bounty hunter, he drew his blaster. Thankfully, at the time the rest of the crew were also there, each socializing on their own accord. As soon as they detected the three men’s intentions, the crew positined themselves around Arun’s table and as soon as the first blaster was being drawn, the situation turned out to be a stalemate, with three men aiming blasters at, and in turned having blasters aimed at them from Zarah’s six-men crew.

Zarah managed to convince the smuggler to stand down, but only after arranging a brawl between Arun and himself. In that fight, if Arun lost, he would have to pay the smuggler the 10,000 credits bounty that was placed on his friend’s death, while if Arun won, the smuggler would forget about the whole deal. Accepting the terms, the two men walked out to settle their differences with their bare fists, followed by a rushing crowd of onlookers and a calm, walking Frakk Zarah. Arun lost the brawl and the smuggler got the 10,000 Credits as was agreed from Zarah.

Aside from the entire crew, during these two months of waiting, Frakk also had a few business ventures of his own, hiring out as a mediator for high profile jobs and contracts, ensuring a higher yield in credits or beneficial terms in deals for those that hired him. One such notable contract was on behalf of Abdi-Badawzi, the Twi’lek Crime Lord of Socorro, who hired Zarah to travel aboard a vessel in Badawzi’s emply to a distant planet, where he would meet with the local crime lord of the planet and attempt to convince him to accept Badawzi as his main spice supplier, instead of the Hutts.

This plan went far better than Badawzi could possibly anticipate, with Zarah securing a very profitable deal as well as dealing with some Hutt pilots that tried to thwart the deal. At the same time, it was a brief but very impressive show of what exactly is Frakk Zarah capable of, when he delivered the final terms to Abdi-Badawzi, along with a few veiled suggestions on how to take the deal, make an even greater profit and pinpoint the failings of Badawzi’s majordomo in the process.

Finally, the two months passed and Caelli-Merced’s representatives invited the crew over to Cjaalysce’l to unveil their new vessel, perform her naming ceremony and taker her out for a maiden ride to Vakeyya’s starport.

Outwardly, they were greeted with the sight of a very well-crafted Barloz Medium Transport. As the crew boarded its ramp, however, they begun to notice how carefully each panel, each piece of equipment and each part neatly fitted with the total of the ship. Taking the tour of the ship, they ended up in the bridge, where there were plenty of stations for practically everything needed to fly her. And, beside the four crew stations, placed a little higher from the other stations so that it could overlook anything happening around the bridge, was a comfortable, slightly worn-out Corellian Corvette Captain’s Chair…

Frakk Zarah’s vessel, Dominic’s culmination of years of practice was born. And her name? … Infinity.

S03E05 - The Ship Deal
And all this, for the premium price of ONE. MILLION. two hundred thousand Credits!

During his one-month stay…

…in Socorro, Frakk Zarah decided he must get a ship. His mechanic, Dominic told him he needed that month to design something good enough for the Captain. During that time, the rest of the crew – and Zarah – had a chance to get involved with most other activities Socorro has to offer.

Dreaph and Jason got into Swoopchasing. Rather, Jason got into Swoopchasing while Dreaph got into making bets about races. When not on Neftali, working about the races, Dreaph also indulged his gambling tastes by playing cards in Tiranga’s Loft – Tiranga the Hutt’s gambling establishment on Socorro. This pursuit has cost Dreaph a sizable amount of Credits that he gambled hard to gather, but he finally made it up after borrowing money from Arun

Arun, on the other hand, set up shop in the Black Dust Tavern, providing information of a more delicate nature – Bounties. He made it a trade to notify smugglers on whether they had a bounty on their heads according to his records. Slowly, his particular asset spread and by the end of the month he had created a good reputation about his particular asset.

Sam kept on with his forgery trade, and managed to make a few decent credits in the mean time, without something to draw particular attention. He also compiled a full list of papers and documents that will be needed when the crew is ready to fly, if the Captain decides they should have a legal cover.

Frakk, while his crew was enjoying themselves, made a few inquiries to get to know the underworld of Socorro. He learned who controls what kind of contraband trade and after a few weeks of careful inquiries, he arranged a meeting with a representative from the Black Bha’lir and Caelli-Merced. During that meeting, he showed Caelli-Merced the designs of a souped-up medium freighter Dominic had designed – a design that was impractical for mass production due to the quality and price of the materials used, but ideal to make if you had to equip a pirate fleet. A Fleet like the Black Bha’lir.

The Caelli-Merced representative was immediately interested and a later meeting was arranged to discuss terms and offers. In that future meeting, and after several maneuvering from both sides, a deal was struck. Caelli-Merced would open up their facilities for Zarah to construct his ship. All parts would be priced at market price and all future repairs and upgrades would have premium prices, similar but a bit more expensive to those offered to the Black Bha’lir.

In return, Frakk would pay 1.2 million Credits in cash, Dominic would give the Caelli-Merced the designs for the modified Barloz-class he had prepared and finally, Frakk would agree to hire his services to Caelli-Merced for one job. To convince the people of Freedom Reborn to sell them the designs of the craft.

The entire construction phase for Frakk’s Ship – which is also a modified Barloz-class Dominic designed, with even more fine tuning than that given to Caelli-Merced – would take the better part of two months, during which Frakk would have to make the necessary arrangements to carry out his “contract” towards Caelli-Merced.

S03E04 - The Return of Frakk Zarah
Welcome Mr. Zarah... We've been expecting you...

While the resistance forces were being…

… Mercilessly Annihilated™, a few sectors away from there a certain Captain had decided it’s time to resurface and start doing some jobs again.

After a last job for Mr. Crown went sour – and sour in a big, bad, huge amounts of Credits lost way – Frakk Zarah and Crown parted ways once more. Frakk was left with a small amount of Credits to get him started, a stock JS-77b shuttle to get him around and a recommendation to hook up with a former colleague of Crown that can help him find a crew and get him on his feet.

His first journey brought him to Vorzyd V, also known as Gambler’s World, where he met with Dreaph- a Chiss who held a shop for weapon repairs and modifications. Teaming up with Dreaph, Frakk travelled to Xiunsrus, where they’d possibly recruit a pilot among the Bloodsniffer Swoop Gang.

In Xiunsrus, a planet of a relative peaceful existence, a strange anomaly in the underworld had cultivated in an entire sub-culture. Due to the planet’s many ravines and mountainous regions, it was full of potential places for safe business deals. In direct result, this meant that people wanting to fence something from around most of this particular Outer Rim Quadrant ended up on Xiunsrus sooner or later. Profiting from this anomaly, was a single entity – the Bloodsniffer Swoop Gang. Those among the gang capable of flying a space transport were encouraged to hone their skills to almost impossible levels so that they can fly most types of crafts to these remote locations, without using any of the ship’s instruments. This way they ensure that the Fences only speak with the Bloodsniffers to cut fencing deals, and the Bloodsniffers are the only ones capable of navigating to the locations of a deal, without a ship’s captain returning for a repeat job and not pay the Bloodsniffers their cut.

On this planet, then, Frakk and Dreaph travelled to the main Bloodsniffer hang-out stop, a Bar, Grill and Refuel station along the I-15 speeder lane, a few kilometers outside the capital. There, they met with the establishment’s security, a Meri named Arun, who directed them to speak with a young man named Jason – a member of the Bloodsniffers Swoop Gang.

After a brief demonstration of Jason’s flying capabilities, Frakk asked him to join his crew, outlining his great plan of forming a great, profitable, solid and loyal smuggling business. Jason agreed and hinted that if they need extra muscle, Arun is also looking for better employment. Following an interview with Zarah, Arun was also hired and they all left to travel to Socorro for the last part of their recruitment.

Arriving at Socorro, Frakk was greeted by a Dominic that played a small prank on the Captain, by meeting him as he landed and taking his time revealing who he is. Afterwards, a lengthy catchup between Dom and Frakk took place and Frakk’s offer hit the table. He needed a Mechanic. Dom, as a sign of how much he has matured over the years, laid out his personal requests in order to work with Zarah again, and Zarah accepted them. Among those requests was to interview Sam for a position on the crew as a very skilled Forger.

With every negotiation wrapped up, the crew gathered at a quiet back room for introductions. From this first “Crew Meeting”, the sum of 49,000 Credits was gathered to go towards a ship and some first, essential, modifications. Everyone took up a few things to take care off during the following days and Dominic suggested to Frakk to have a word with Karl Ancher at the bar.

From Karl and Zarah’s discussion, followed a meeting with two representatives of the Black Bha’lir who informed Zarah of their request to offer a cut to the Bha’lir for any jobs taken using Socorro’s source, if that job overlaps with areas that are normally Bha’lir turf. Also, he was given a gift, a Sentinel IV Heavy Blaster Pistol, handmade, engraved and decorated by Caelli-Merced in recognition of his experience. Interestingly enough, the pistol was designed to be used by a left-handed person. Who should also be missing his ring finger.

In closing, the very next day Dominic called everyone to show them their new ship, a Barloz Medium Freighter, that had yet to be modified…

Interlude - Last Stand of the Resurgence
Fire all turbolaser cannons to the rebel Frigate. Concentrate fire on their engines!

The battle between the Resistance Fleet…

… and the Imperial Forces did not go well. A good portion of the fleet managed to escape, but at great cost. Most of the surviving ships were damaged and the Resurgence, serving as the fleet’s flagship was destroyed.

Before it was destroyed, a daring rescue attempt took place on board it. Senth Squad along with Dominic, Edward, Fred and Sam, teamed up with Zack in order to rescue as many of the stranded crew as possible. Senth Squad led by Seth made their way and rescued the Bridge personnel, while Zack along with a few combat-capable troops secured the medical bays and aided the rescue of civiliasn, his sister among them. The rest, made their way to the hangar where their ships were docked and secured it, while Fred ran from ship to ship preparing it for launch.

Seth brought back reports of Inquisitors (yes, plural) on board the Resurgence, that had managed to overpower and capture Eredin alive, but unconscious. They were at the starboard hangar and were getting ready to disembark in Lamda Shuttles. The common consensus was that tarrying any longer after the shuttles launched would only mean the death of them, as with no imperial personnel on board the Resurgence would receive a full barrage of heavy turbolaser fire from the Imperial Star Destroyer in the area.

With that in mind, they all boarded individual ships and launched, making their way to prearranged jumping coordinates and heading towards a neutral space station to regroup and plan their next move.

Aboard that Space Station in the middle of nowhere, Baer informed everyone that the traitor in their midst was none other than former Imperial Admiral Varth – the very person the team had travelled to Felucia to rescue from an Imperial Prison facility. With oaths of payback made and priorities chosen, the Resistance’s next step was planned.

Senth Squad and most of the group formed up the Rescue Team. These would take off immediately in an attempt to track down and attempt to rescue Eredin from the hands of the Inquisitorius.

Baer and the few remains of the fleet would lay low, performing low profile attacks to keep the fleet supplied and slowly repair and rebuild their forces.

Dominic and Sam would travel to Socorro, there to occupy themselves for as long as it takes to overcome this loss which weighed particularly heavily on Dom.

Contact ways were established, safe phrases exchanged and then everyone left on their separate ways.

S03E03 - Requiem I
Who died?!

The team is collecting information…

…and planting back doors in various Imperial Server Nodes that might come in handy for them during the mission. Two days of slow and meticulous slicing later, they are contacted by Seth with information about the previous Alderaanian Resistance cells that were operating in Coruscant, along with their fates (where known), last known safehouses and last mission profiles.

From the information provided by Seth, it was apparent that three safehouses were still undiscovered and they might contain any information collected by the three Resistance Cells. As Devron put it, it made sense that only one safehouse per cell was left undiscovered, as it most likely will be the safehouse where any findings will be stashed and the teams would logically give their lives to keep its location a secret.

Devron, Mer, Dominicand Edward decided that they should check the safehouses, leaving Sam and Fred to keep their own safehouse … safe.

Failure in Coruscant.

Arriving at their first target, the team landed the speeder outside the housing complex in which Team Acklay’s safehouse was located. They went inside through the front door, took the elevator and rode it all the way up to floor 160 where the safehouse was located. As the elevator doors slid open, a blaster shot greeted Devron squarely on the chest but his armor absorbed the shot.

Entering combat, the team saw one black armored individual taking cover at the door they wanted to reach. Devron and Mer started running towards him, as Edward drew his pistols and Dominic held back a little to make a very important observation: Two grenades were set up along the corridor and both Mer and Devron were about to trigger them! Losing no time to notify them, both Jedi tried to somehow evade it. Devron stopped in his tracks, a couple of meters before activating the grenades and Mer tried to jump over it but was less successful than Devron (Cybertroll rolled a “1” on the wild die). Triggering the first grenade, both jedi were immediately covered in “Glop” – a sticky, adhesive substance used for riot control – and were held immobile.

The armored enemies replied with blaster fire, taking advantage of their restricted state and a third person appeared through the door, tossed two C-22 Fragmentation grenades straight at the two Jedis’ feet. Mer used the Force (Enhanced Attribute) and managed to escape, Edward managed to shoot the grenadier and stun him momentarily and Dominic shot the other glop grenade on the wall, causing it to explode as well, holding one of the three opponents in place. When the grenades exploded, the entire glop-filled corridor was cleared, the held opponent was wounded but Devron was also sprawling lifeless on the floor, his arm, leg and most of his right side taken by the fragments.

Judging the situation, Mer continued his advance, trying to muster his concentration to activate the necessary force powers in order to use his lightsaber. Reaching the appartment’s door and having almost everything ready (apart from drawing his lightsaber) he was greeted by three armed individuals ready to fire, three more searching the room for clues and one more coordinating them all. All dressed in the same black armors. The oncoming barrage of blaster fire wounded Mer, causing him to lose concentration on the force powers he held active and dropping him prone on the floor. Edward and Dominic begun approaching towards the apartment while at the same time Dominic killed the wounded opponent in the corridor.

As Mer was getting up, the opponents’ leader shouted “Bring that alien animal down damn it!” (Mer having survived three barrages in this combat’s rounds so far) and once more, all six of the armed individuals focused their fire on Mer. This time, their shots struck true, blasting him in numerous areas around his body, including a blaster shot to the head, dropping him dead.

Following Mer’s defeat, Edward and Dominic were in place by the door. Dominic threw one of the fallen opponent’s glop grenades inside, hoping to stop them but most of the occupants managed to somehow take cover and only one was held in place. Edward drew his lightsaber and entered the room, cutting one opponent down with his first attack. The opponent team was already beginning to evacuate at this point, to a waiting craft outside the window. Unfortunately, the players didn’t manage to stop any more before they evacuate and Dominic and Edward were left in a thoroughly searched and destroyed room with one armed opponent still held in place by the glop.

Executing the man with a shot on the head, Dom looked around for any clues and then the two of them took their friends’ bodies and went back to their safehouse. The entire operation was aborted and they smuggled themselves out of Coruscant, along with Seth’s team.

Arriving at the Resurgence.

Exiting hyperspace at the last known location of the Resistance Fleet, Senth Squad and the survivors were greeted by a horrible sight.

The Resistance Fleet was engaged by an Imperial Star Destroyer and its escort of three Strike Cruisers. The Resurgence was holding back, trying to delay the approach of the Strike Cruisers until the rest of the fleet jumps out, and slowly taking damage from the Star Destroyer’s turbolaser barrage. A few ships had already been destroyed, their hulls filling the area with debris.

An incoming transmission from Baer stated “We’re in trouble. I suggest you turn tail and flee with the rest of the fleet” – at which point several alarms were heard through the Resurgence’s bridge – “On second thought, we’re being boarded and we’re out of escape pods. Any chance you’d be able to help us with an emergency evac?”

To be continued . . .

S03E02 - The Arrival in Coruscant
I sense... that we'll be blown to pieces before we can land!

With most of the plan’s details…

…in motion and a comprehensive list of equipment to be delivered to Coruscant, some via the “Pride of Aldera” and some via smuggling routes provided by Socorro contacts, our starring characters are aboard Senator Bail Prestor Organa’s diplomatic vesselt, the Tantive IV.

In the two days available for their journey, the Senator explains to them that they will be disguised to an excruciating degree (flesh camouflage, fake papers, contact lenses – even for MerMer Noldo!) and take up position in the Senatorial staff. Dominic, Fredand Devron will act as the Senator’s guards, while Mer and Edwardwill act as his aides. As Dominic and Edward sat down to learn as much as their roles as possible in order to perform them correctly, Mer devoted a few hours to update his knowledge of the Senate, in order to better facilitate his duties and suggested to Devron that all three of them (The force users) should spend the trip – and almost all of their idle time while on-planet – in Emptiness, so that they would not be picked up by any of the Emperor’s agents. At this point, Mer realized that he had made a terrible error in training his apprentice, Edward, because he had not taught him how to empty his mind yet – the Force Power of Emptiness, which among others makes it impossible to be detected through the Force. Following this sudden realization, Mer was led to seek guidance from the Force, by meditating and sensing the Path they follow (Sense Path force power) – an occurrence which resulted in a rather grim vision about their fate.

Thankfully, it was nothing but a vision and the team landed and assumed their cover. In the two-three days that followed, Sam, who had arrived previously with Senth Squad, helped to set up safehouses and equipment routes. After everything was set up, the team met at the Operation Safe House allocated to them and they begun their information gathering through Coruscant’s extensive Planetary Computer Network.

The session ended with Sam and Dominic making a list of available network assets they can slice.

S03E01 - Unexpected Revelations
Wait -what? A Fleet?!

While the group is examining their chances…

… at travelling to Coruscant, a Bounty Hunter that has been tracking Mer Noldo from Boztrok manages to land her space transport along with 20 Klatooinian Mercenaries aboard the Resurgence.

Her plan was to pose as a smuggler, trying to locate Mer on his own and attempt to detain him to claim his bounty. While waiting, however, she identified Dominic as a wanted person, with the same bounty as Mer, but without the “Known Jedi Fugitive” tag under the wanted poster. Immediately she set out to apprehend him and managed to almost kill him, while her troops secured the hangar by taking out its technicians and rigging the security cameras. Her plot was thwarted, however, because Protector rushed to aid his Master and managed to down Zo’Tannath leaving her almost dead.

The rest of her men, seeing that the Bounty Hunter was defeated, made a run for it, launched their craft but were caught by the Resurgence’s tractor beam. Devron, who rushed to the site at the first sign of alert along with Mer, operated the turret of the ship Dom was working on and fired at the captured Mercenary Transport, taking out its Hyperdrive in one shot. Immediately after, the Mercenaries surrendered.

Following their capture, the Klatooinians did not put up any heroic acts, stating that they are in the employ of the Klatooinian Trade Guild – a cover front for the Hutt Crime Empire – and they were hired by Zo’Tannath to help her apprehending her target. Likewise, Zo’Tannath didn’t make any attempt at deception when she regained consciousness on board the Resurgence’s infirmary, stating that she caught sight of Mer through starport security footage when he travelled to Boztrok and tracked him down from there, through contacts, information brokers and other sources. Currently, Baer is considering the fate of Zo’Tannath and her associates and will most likely arrange a meeting with Trade Guild officials to negotiate a release agreement.

Following the events above, however, the Resurgence cover was blown. This forced Sergeant Baer to put in motion several contingencies possibly earlier than he had hoped for. Publicly, the craft was declared taken over by pirates and branded a hostile vessel, with most of its crew dead or captured. This, effectively meant it was no longer possible for the vessel to remain in known or civilized space so an immediate hyperspace jump took place. When the Resurgence emerged from hyperspace, Baer revealed the fruits of two years’ worth of mustering of forces – the Resistance Fleet.

After this problem was tackled, the directly interested individuals resumed planning their Coruscant Operation. The final plan was the following:

  • One team, comprised of the Jedi and their companions (The group), will be arriving on Coruscant through a very strong cover provided by Baer. They will lay low and will not draw undue attention to their person until they receive the green light to move.
  • A second team, comprised of Seth and Baer’s best specialists, will be arriving on Coruscant using the approach codes provided by Admiral Varth. Their objective will be to set up safehouses, gather information and locate contacts that the first team can use. They will not in any way involve themselves with active investigation towards the Sarlacc Project. Once their infrastructure is complete, they will signal the first team (Team A) to begin their investigation.
  • Any necessary equipment for Team A, will need to be smuggled on-planet using the Pride of Aldera’s secret compartments (4 metric tons) and Saadoon-Kauldi’s network of smugglers. Anything sent through Kauldi will have to be delivered in “dead-drop” locations, to be later secured by Seth and delivered to any safehouses that have been arranged.

With these plan in motion, everyone spent a brief week of frantic preparation towards this mission. During this week, Edward was instructed by Mer to create his own lightsaber, which he did successfully, using the crystal he found in his Osma Bag from Socorro.

Once everything was ready, the Consular-Class “Dexterity” took the group to their rendezvous point for their cover. There, they boarded Senator Organa’s personal vessel – the Tantive IV – and will be acting as his Senatorial Aides and Security as their cover.

To be continued, next week . . .


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